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3 Points to keep a check on your garage door sensors

Have you ever wondered how garage door sensors work? What are its components and parts? If No, let’s try and understand how garage safety sensors operate. There are two lenses in the safety sensor known as the photo-eye reversal system or safety eyes. Both of these are connected to the garage door sensor about 6 inches above the ground on the opposite sides. And obviously, there’s a garage door opener motor affixed to all of this. The concept behind this is simple; a tiny laser beam is responsible for opening and closing the door. This beam is constantly shooting between the two sensors and any obstruction leads to the closing of the door. However, photo-eye reversal sensors have often been malfunctioning. Here are few quick fixes for this trouble. 

How to Align Your Garage Door Safety Eyes?

Frankly, this is not any rocket science so just focus on these simple steps. The reason behind the malfunctioning of garage door sensors might be misalignment. If you have noticed that your garage door starts to close and further retracts, this may indicate that you need to realign the photo eyes. At first, just try to adjust the photo-eye a tiny bit and check if both the sensors get linked. If this doesn’t work follow these steps: 

  1. Remove the wing nut to remove the receiving sensors. You must know that most of the safety eye sensors have a green light. 
  2. Now point the sensor in the just reverse direction until the laser light vanishes, once this happens count to 10. 
  3. Lastly realign the sensors by softly pointing the sending sensor to the receiving sensor until light reappears.  

If the alignment is not an issue, check for the debris 

With the passing time sensors become smudgy and cloudy which can obstruct the view and sensors might not be able to read each other. This may happen due to any small obstructions also. Try to ensure that path of the sensors is clear and unobstructed. Also make sure that the lenses are clean and don’t have oil, debris on them. If any debris or grime is present the sensors will not perform properly.  

Checks the Wiring- reconnect if required 

All the big machinery has exposed wirings, so does garage door sensors. As the wirings are exposed, they get easily knocked loose. Henceforth it is a very simple solution is to reconnect the wires to ensure the unhindered working of your garage door sensors. If there is no major damage like the whole wire is undamaged you can easily reconnect the wires using these tools, or you may need to call for professionals. Consider these hacks, 

  • First, remove the sensors from the brackets and then remove the wires from the casing 
  • Now, twist the similarly colored wires together after striping the ends of wires from both sensors. 
  • Take both sensors to the garage door opener motor, look for the wirings that are in grey and white terminals, and remove them. 
  • Insert white wire to same color terminals and strip wire into grey terminal. 
  • Finally, direct the sensor eyes at each other. Wirings need to be replaced if both of the green lights turn on. And if the green lights don’t come on, the safety eye sensors are immediately needed to be replaced. 

Call the Professionals 

For any further assistance in terms of fixing or installing new garage door safety sensors, contact bestgaragedoorvegas directly at (702) 745-8755. Our garage door installation specialists can solve your queries or fix an appointment as per your requirements. You can also reach us if you’re planning to replace your old garage door opener.


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