Maintenance of Garage Door

4 Tips for Routine Maintenance of Garage Door

With time, garage doors gradually lose their functionality due to wear and tear. Garage Door Services Las Vegas and other maintenance is required to ensure that the working period of the garage doors is extended as much as possible. Also, it can help in avoiding safety hazards. As a result, it is pretty crucial for inspection and routine maintenance of the garage door.

Routine Maintenance of Garage Doors

It is recommended that garage door maintenance be carried out at least once within a month or two.

Some of the best tips for routine maintenance of the garage door are given as follows-

  1. Garage Door Tracks Cleaning

In Garage Doors Las Vegas, the garage door tracks are slowly blocked with grime and debris. This can damage the rollers and can slow down the movement of the door. The following methods can clean the door tracks-

  • To clean each track’s vertical part, fully open the garage door.
  • Use a soft cloth and dampen it with a gentle cleanser or water. Wipe the moist cloth through the interior of the track’s lower part. You can also use cleaners on the track directly for the removal of thick debris.
  • To clean each track’s horizontal part, fully close the garage door.
  • The upper track can be cleaned the same way by a soft cloth dampened with either cleaner or water.

This way, the tracks can be cleaned.

  1. Lubrication

The tracks and the garage door’s moving parts need to be lubricated using a silicone or lithium-based lubricant. Well, lubrication can increase the efficiency and lifespan of all the moving parts of the door.

After applying lubricants, the excess lubricants need to be wiped away. Otherwise, they can help in settlement of dust particles.

  1. Auto-Reverse Feature Testing

In Garage Door Services Las Vegas, the auto-reverse feature is maintained with utmost care. This is because this feature can cause a severe safety hazard if dysfunctional. When a garage door moves down and its path is obstructed by anything, it should go up with this feature.

This can be checked by-

  • Use a small block of wood and keep it on the garage floor to block the closing door.
  • Start closing the garage door.
  • If the auto-reverse feature is working correctly, the garage door will start going upwards in reverse within two seconds of touching the wooden block. If not, the auto-reverse part is not working.

In such cases, expert services are required to fix the door or opener.

  1. Photo-Eye Sensor Testing

The photo-eye sensors are usually present in Garage Doors Las Vegas. They are essential components that ensure the auto-reverse feature of the door.

The functionality of these sensors can be checked as follows-

  • Choose a tall solid object that can interrupt the beam of the photo-eye’s sensor.
  • Open the garage door and place the object on the path of the garage door.
  • Try to start closing down the door.
  • If the photo-eye sensors are functional, the door will not come down. If it comes down, the sensors are not working correctly.

Such situations call for expert garage door repair services for replacing or repairing the sensors immediately.

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These are some of the best tips that can be followed to maintain the garage door properly. Keeping the garage door functional is essential, and such check-ups can be extremely useful. In case of any difficulties, contacting professional services such as Best Garage Door Repair is recommended.


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