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Do you have a broken garage door torsion spring
spring can snap while the door is closing or in motion, causing the door to fall rapidly.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

Las Vegas Broken Garage Door Spring Repair And Replacement Service

Your garage door has to work hard to lift a lot of weight day after day, year after year. Many people assume that the opener opens and closes the door, but this is not the case.

In fact, heavy-duty springs are the secret to smooth opening. These springs are under a lot of pressure, going through a continuous cycle of contracting and relaxing over and over again each time the door is opened or closed. They are also responsible for lifting a weight that can be 400 pounds minimum. So they go through a lot of stress. If they are broken or snapped, you have a pretty useless door.

The good news is that purchasing and installing a new garage door spring is a far easier solution than replacing the entire door, and one which is guaranteed to save you time and money – always a bonus!

Types of Springs

Torsion springs: These are located parallel to the top of your garage door, just inside, with aluminum drums on either side. They are under immense tension, and this allows for efficient operation of the door.

Extension springs: These are perpendicular to the garage door on either side and act like rubber steel bands that stretch as the door closes and constrict as it opens.


Repair is a cheaper option and can be ideal if there is damage we can quickly rectify. It makes sense that an overhead garage-door spring repair will be far better for your budget than a total overhaul. It can also be a faster job, allowing you to go about your business more quickly.

If a repair is not possible, our experts will recommend new springs to ensure safety and functionality. Where a garage roller-door spring replacement is required, there are a few points to bear in mind.

Replace both springs: If one side dies, be sure that the other will not be far behind. Your springs wear evenly on both sides, and it is easier, cheaper and safer to get both fixed in one go to prevent future damage to your garage.

  • Choose the correct size: Not all garages are created equal, and it is crucial to pick the right size depending on factors such as weight, balance, and safety. It is also essential to check that the type is correct. There’s no point in ordering a single torsion-spring replacement if your garage needs extension springs.

Whether you need a quick and easy repair or a full-fledged replacement, we make it our duty to fix your garage door quickly, safely and effectively.

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