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Top 4 Aesthetically Pleasing Garage Door Styles

When the whole front facade of your house consists of the garage door you are likely to put a lot of thought into designing it. Matching and maintaining aesthetics become important and you do not really feel like settling for just any design. Poor choices can lead to an eyesore, undoubtedly.

List of aesthetically pleasing garage door styles:


1) Doors with Raised Panels

Raised panel garage doors are one of the most common garage door trends. Most homeowners opt for this style when it comes to a new garage door installationThe original design of the raised panel garage doors had floating panels fitted inside a frame namely rail & style. However, the later versions of the raised panel garage doors often come with fiberglass and the door panels are really solid. These are molded and made to resemble the original raised-panel door. The raised panel garage doors are available in fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. You can choose your own from the lot!


2) Doors with Traditional Designs

The leading manufacturers of garage doors offer styles that tend to complement the American style of architecture that includes Colonial, Ranch, Victorian, Cape, or Craftsman. These doors are also made to suit European styles like Spanish, Tudor, Mediterranean, and French Country. All these designs can be ordered especially with your desired color and material options. The wide range of options will allow you to match the garage door with the interior of your house, even if it is Southern Mediterranean, American Prairie, or European Tudor. Now, these doors come with a standard roll-up mechanism. The hinged panels bend near the seams and are horizontal. These panels roll up on the tracks situated overhead.


3) Carriage-Style Doors

These garage door styles have been inspired by the doors found in old carriage houses. However, they are modified a bit to suit the tone of modern contemporary homes. The carriage doors in the traditional era used to swing open from the center, manually. The modern garage carriage styled doors fold open with the help of automatic openers. These doors are designed to retain that traditional look while being modern and user-friendly when it comes to their functionality and features.


4) Doors with Contemporary Slabs

Having similar house designs aligned with the style of your garage door has become of importance now. Clean lines, defined patterns, and high-tech materials have a different appeal to it. The most popular choice lies with tempered glass panels available as tinted, clear, or frosted. These come encased in frames made out of painted aluminum. If we are taking popularity into consideration, homes with a retro-modern theme have garage doors that open when folded up as one panel only and not as four horizontal panels that are made to bend near the hinges when the door is raised. Similar to carriage doors, the slab doors also need an automatic opener that is specialized to serve the needs.


Final Throughs

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