Clean your garage

Ensure safety of your garage by keeping it clean

Getting your garage clean really wasn’t a very tough job as we feared it could be, and it does not also take nearly as long as we expected it would! Though properly organizing and cleaning your garage deeply might seem time-consuming and overwhelming, but if you conduct the process with an organized plan, you can do the major part of the job within just one or two days. For expert help, you can contact the garage door installation.

The process to Deep Clean Your Garage

Here’s the detailed process to deep clean, declutter, and get a tidy garage within six simple steps!

Step 1: Remove all the things & prepare the Supplies

Pick a holiday when the weather is on your side and can pull everything out of the garage and into your yard or the driveway.  Just getting everything out of your garage will help you to assess what you really have, then take a note of the grime level, and also to stay motivated to keep the things from going to their old spots.

First of all, gather a supply of towels, a broom, a bucket, and the cleaning spray. You may also wish to have a measuring tape and some big garbage bags or waste bins for sorting those items.

Then start by wiping down or washing off anything dirty.

Step 2: Search, Eliminate, Donate or Sell

Once everything gets out of the garage, it’s the right time to start sorting out everything into piles: just keep, donate or sell and eliminate those things.

Question yourself if you will use the item again. Holding onto those old rollerblades because you expect your kids might want to take them or that old and rusty tennis racket that needs to be repaired is not a very good idea. There are some sports stores that may buy back that equipment. You can even make a little profit from those unused items.

Broken or rusty items or items need to be tossed immediately. Give yourself permission to let go and stop storing those old things in hopes that one day you will repair them.

Car repairing items and cleaning materials should be assessed properly according to their usefulness and potency. Some car fluids can expire, so storing them might become hazardous. Therefore, if not useful enough, just get rid of those items. For help, you can call the garage door services in Las Vegas.

 Step 3: Find the best Storage Solutions for You

On the basis of what you have in the garage and what you have to store, you may be encountering some dilemmas related to storage. It seems that almost everything in the garage is shaped in an odd way—it’s very large or very small, thus easy to lose.

Dangerous items like saws and various electrical tools can be stored on the proper shelves. The toolboxes need to be kept off the floor and also away from moisture.

Think about the options of the storages which you’ll need and assess properly what you have on hand. Assemble all those useful items and make space for your now-clean and useful garage equipment. For extra help, contact garage doors.

Step 4: Seal the Cracks and Repair Hazards

Garages can bear the impact of the harshest weather. In most cases, they’re not over-heated or cooled, and the fluctuations of the temperature and moisture tend to cause mildew, various cracking leaks, and some other issues. Since most of us don’t think about spending an ample amount of time in our garage, many of these problematic issues can remain unnoticed until they become difficult to repair.

 Step 5: Dust, Clean and Paint

Thoroughly clean all of the corners with a broom, or wash the walls, and make sure that everything within the garage is dust free. This can definitely prevent all of that dirt from entering into your house later.

A coat of latex paint will keep things really fresh and help in preventing mildew as well.

 Step 6: Re-assemble and Re-decorate

After having a beautiful and clean garage, put the useful items back in place and properly organize your areas—and put the necessary tools in their specific places.


In the end, while this task may seem very tiring, the results are well worth your effort. Not only can you save a good amount of money and keep your garage cleaner, but you can also protect your car, bikes, and other necessary tools because they can be stored in a clean and dry environment.

 While everything is out of the garage, just survey the areas that might need to get proper repairing or touched up. Seal the cracks with the spray-in foam or sealant and also consider spraying on a protective layer of any useful, flexible coating.


Replace Garage Door Side Springs

4 Easy Steps to Replace Garage Door Side Springs

Garage doors are really convenient and very valuable addition to your home. Although, installing a garage door is only half the battle. Much more effort and attention go into the timely maintenance of garage doors. And when we say maintenance, garage doors have a range of parts and accessories to take care of. Amongst them, garage door springs are an important item. There are the primary garage door springs as well as garage door extension springs and garage door side springs.

Replacing Garage Door Side Springs: Things To Remember

When it comes to replacing something like garage door side springs, it can be said that the best way to go is to hire a professional garage door repair for the job. But if you cannot do that for any constraints, then you will have to manage by yourself. This is when our DIY guide will be useful for you. Although, before you start the procedure, you need to make some preparations and remember a few things.

These considerations and points will make sure that there are no accidents; the entire garage door spring replacement is done safely, efficiently and seamlessly. So before we go into the steps, let us first look at the things you will need to replace garage door springs.

  • Replacement garage door extension springs. You can get these from a reputed manufacturer or can even source it from online stores.
  • A ladder of 6′ or 8′ height.
  • A step stool.
  • A pair of C-clamps
  • Pliers
  • Duct tapes
  • A socket wrench
  • Wrenches of appropriate size. If you do not have the right size, go for a crescent wrench.

Along with that, you will have to ensure that you are using the right replacement springs. You can check the suggested replacement parts as well as what can work from the owner’s manual of the garage door. If not possible, the height and weight of the door can help you find the right alternatives.

How To Replace Garage Door Side Springs: A 4-Step Tutorial

There are a variety of ways to replace garage door side springs. Although, if you are new at this, then you must follow this tutorial. It is the easiest, most effective and safest way through when you need to replace garage door springs by yourself.

Step 1: Using a 6′ or 8′ ladder, you must open the garage door. This can be done by pulling on the rope that hangs near the opener. It will disengage the door from the opener. Use C-clamps in each track of the garage door near the top, and keep them as tight as possible when removing the door.

Step 2: This is the part where you remove the broken springs. Follow these steps:

  • Know where the extension spring is located.
  • Make sure the pulley bolt is loose.
  • Untie the safety cable.
  • Then remove the broken spring.

 Step 3: Install the new springs. For this:

  • Attach the new springs.
  • Tie the safety cable back.
  • Fasten the pulley bolt tightly.

Step 4: This part involves adjustment and inspection. Check that the pulley cable is tightly fastened and not hanging down and also check for any other damages or faults in the door.

All that being said, if you want the best garage door side spring replacement, Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair is the number one name for the job. They offer a variety of garage door repair, spring replacement and associated services at affordable prices.

garage door opener

Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers: A comparison study

There are various types of popular brands on the market today for garage door openers, and all of those have some really appealing models for homeowners. However, among those brands, Liftmaster and Chamberlain are very famous. Today, we will take a closer look at the comparison of these two popular brands for the good quality garage door opener.

Both of these brands are the producers of some excellent quality models for the garage door opener. However,  those two have many differences as well, though both of these offer garage door openers that can be easily accessed via the smartphones of the owners from anywhere in the world.

Comparison between Liftmaster and Chamberlain garage door openers

The motor

An important point to consider about any good quality garage door opener is the electric motor. Here you can see a similarity. Both brands can offer DC and AC electric motors for you. DC units are good for those who don’t want to face any noise and love a super quiet garage door opener. On the other hand, the AC ones make good noise but can work as heavy-duty units. So, both of these brands offer some top-quality motors.

Assemble Trolley system or the Rail system

The most important difference between these two famous garage door opener brands is in both the assemble trolley system and the rail system. Chamberlain uses the system known as the rail system, and it comes in three sets. You can be able to assemble the entire system very easily and then start using it. Just remember that this mechanism is a better option for the single garage door.

Liftmaster makes use of the system popular as the rail assembly trolley. It has only one piece that has the needs to be assembled properly during the installation process, and it can be done within a few seconds. The advantage of this system is amazing weight load so that the garage door opener can be easily used for those types of doors that are really heavy.


Both of these two brands offer good customer support and great warranties. Liftmaster garage door opener offers servicing within the warranty period, which is between 1 and 3 years as per the model. Whereas Chamberlain offers a longer warranty period which is between 1 and 5 years, depending on your model.

Though Liftmaster seems to be a better choice in some cases, still both of these models of garage door openers are really popular across the world and offer some incredible facilities. For expert suggestions, you can contact Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repairs.


What may happen if a garage door cable breaks?

The cables of the garage doors are the main part of the proper operation of a garage door. Both the opening and closing of your garage door may depend on this spring a lot. The garage door will not work properly if the cables are damaged or broken. It is very crucial to call for an expert technician if you face the problem of a broken garage door cable.

What do I need to do if my garage door opener remote cannot be found?

 If the remote of the garage door opener is stolen, you’ll need to reset the codes or try to find a replacement remote. Before buying a new remote, it’s good to get some basic yet important info about your model to make sure that you choose something that is really compatible. Though this is not a complicated change to make, but it’s best to call for a professional for the best services.


garage door scams

Tips for avoiding garage door scams

Many people nowadays keep more than just their vehicles in their garages. Thus, when your garage door faces any issue or breaks, you need to fix those issues as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this has left a good number of homeowners vulnerable to several types of garage door scams over the years. The cases of showing up to help you in your critical situation and vanishing after some time without any trace when you need them are increasing a lot these days. These cases are not only common in the garage door industry but also in other industries as well. Now, you will need to find out a reliable and reputed contractor for repairing garage doors in Las Vegas. So, let us discuss the tips regarding how you can avoid garage door scams and enjoy a reliable service regarding your garage door repair tasks.


Important tips for avoiding garage door scams

  • How to choose a reliable company

  • Ask around and research online

As your garage door will not break frequently, you need to ask around your neighbors if they know ant trustworthy garage door repair company whom you can contact. Moreover, ensure to get referrals from your family members and friends to choose reliable contractors. You can also read the reviews of the previous customers of those companies and even check social media for any information.

Moreover, you need to make sure that those companies or company has a physical and legitimate address.

  • You can shop local and get a quote

You can also go for local shopping and look for a few garage door repair companies or garage door opener repair in Las Vegas to find out the most reliable one. After finding out a company whom you can trust, you can get a quote from them to plan the expenses for your garage door repair tasks.

After you call the technician of a reputed company, if he says that you need to bear some more expenses, do not hesitate to call the office and discuss the cost before paying them.

  • What to do after the technician arrives

  • Look for the company Logo

Most reliable garage door repair companies have cars with their specific Logo and phone no. or contact information on them. So, if someone comes without any specific Logo or information, do not trust him immediately. Ask for any identity or paperwork that can prove that he is a representative of that specific company whom you called.

always get a receipt

after all the repairing tasks are completed, make sure to receive a receipt of all the payments done by you. This will ensure that the garage door repair technician is transparent in his job and also is working legitimately. If there are any inconsistencies or discrepancies,you can talk about them immediately.

  • Do not pay in cash

Try not to pay in cash. Payment through a credit card or a check can leave some sort of evidence of your payment. If anything goes wrong, you can easily show that proof. However, if you pay in cash, go to the office to make the payment. Also, do not write your checks in the technician’s name but in the name of the company.

  • Avoid paying the full amount before the completion of the task

Try not to pay for the repair or installation job in full before the task is complete. Pay the full amount only after you are satisfied with the task.


Therefore, if you need to hire a reliable company for garage door opener repair in Las Vegas, try to choose the company that has been working in this field for decades and has some fully satisfied and happy customers.


manually close garage door?

How to manually close garage door?

In this modern lifestyle, the garage door is a crucial part of our house that works on command. Nowadays, one can use garage door openers that are motorized. The heavy overhead door closes with just a touch of the specific button. There are some advanced models which can be opened and closed with the help of your mobile app as well. However, though opening and closing the door is an easy task nowadays, still there are some times when your garage door cannot open or close on its own. In those situations, you may need to know the methods of manual closing of the garage door, so here are several answers for your help.

Steps of how to manually open and close your garage door from the inside

there may be some cases when you have to leave your house during a power outage or while the garage door opener is not functioning properly. So, let us go through the steps that may help you to know the methods of manual closing of garage door.


Step 1: Unplug your garage door opener

Unless there is a power outage, first unplug the opener. This is a safety measure that will prevent you from getting hurt if the motor starts working while you are standing near the door.

Step 2: Disconnect your opener

You will see a red emergency release cord which is hanging from the opener that can disconnect the door from the opener. So, pull the cable and disconnect it. When you can disconnect it, the moving part that connects the door to the track should have a spring.

Step 3: Lifting the door

Now, you can lift the door easily with the help of its springs. However, do not try to open it with force. If you are confused, you can contact professional technicians to complete this job.

Step 4: Securing your door

After opening the door, if the pulleys and springs are in good condition, the door will stay there. If the door cannot stay open, and you need some time before the arrival of the technicians, you can make it open with a clamp or ladder. Or, you can even close it manually by taking it downwards by the handle.

Steps of how to manually open and close your garage door from the outside

You can also close and open your garage door from the outside. The steps are:

Step 1: Unlocking the emergency release

Your garage door has a small keyhole near its top part; this stores the cable for emergency release. You can use the key to reveal the key by unlocking it. To open the door safely by hand, you can pull the cord.

Step 2: Unlocking the door

Now, at the bottom area, you will see another lock next to a handle. This helps to keep the door closed. So, you will need the key to unlock it, and after that, you can lift the door by hand.

Step 3: Lifting

Now, hold the handle located at the bottom part of the door and lift it. Ensure to pull it up all the way to the garage door springs can hold it properly. Never try to force open the door.

Step 4: Securing the door

After taking your car safely inside your garage, close the door manually by pulling it downwards from inside your garage. Then, do not forget to re-lock the door.

Therefore, these are the steps of closing the garage door manually from the inside and outside. However, if you are confused, you call the expert technicians of Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair.

garage door opener

How to replace garage door opener?

Advanced and featured garage doors are the most common things in almost every house nowadays. While providing proper safety, the automatic garage door can easily improve the overall look of your property. Automatic and advanced garage doors have a garage door opener for smart operations. After using an older garage door opener for many years, you may observe various defects on it. With the knowledge of how to replace garage door opener, you may avoid any kinds of minor accidents with ease.

You should know the exact time to call a professional to replace your garage door opener. You need to observe a few crucial points before replacing your older garage door opener. This is how you will be able to avoid any bigger loss with ease. Right after understanding the accurate time of consulting with an expert, you will soon realize the way to replace garage door opener for sure.  

When should you replace it?

  • Sometimes you may observe various minor damages to your garage door. However, you do not need to replace the whole garage door right after finding single minor damage. A professional mechanic can easily make you understand the effectiveness of that damage for sure.
  • You may observe an abnormal sound while opening your garage door. This is high time when you should call the mechanic. Thus, you will be able to save a bigger repairing expense in a smarter way.
  • You may also find it stuck every time you open or close it. In this scenario, you can easily oil the smaller nuts to repair them by yourself. However, you cannot wait for a long time with this problem for sure.

By observing these important points about to replace garage door opener you need to replace your garage door opener for sure. Here are some of the important steps for your concern. You need to go through these entire points one after another to perform the replacing task of your garage door opener in an accurate way.

What do you need to replace your garage door opener?

  • Hacksaw
  • Clams
  • Different kinds of wrench
  • Tape to measure
  • Driller

How you should replace your garage door opener?

  • You need to switch off the garage door system before starting the work.
  • After that, you need to unplug the older garage door opener very carefully.
  • Then, with the help of a proper wrench, you need to loosen the bracket. After that, you need to open the bracket.
  • The screw gun will help to install a new bracket with ease.
  • After that, you need to fix the new motor with the older brackets.
  • You need to wire the keypad to the wall.
  • You need to pass the wire through the conduct to join it with the motor with ease.
  • Finally, you need to plug the motor and switch on the overall system to test it.

After going through these points you can easily gain an idea of replace garage door opener. However, you should consult with an expert technical team of Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair to avoid any kinds of major mistakes for sure. With the help of this particular knowledge, you can easily supervise the technicians to understand the actual mechanism of your garage door opener for sure.


garage door opener

How to reset garage door opener?

Many homeowners across the country have a garage where they store their valuable cars and other important belongings. Most people also use a garage as their main entryway into their homes. Thus, garages are used really often, and hence, your garage door opener needs to work a lot. If your garage door opener malfunctions or gets lost or even stolen, you need to reset that opener. Thus, it is important to know the procedure.

If your automatic is damaged, broken or lost, resetting it is the best way. The entire process of resetting your garage door opener depends on what kind of opener you have and what is its age. So, let us discuss the process of how to reset garage door opener whenever you need it.

How a garage door opener actually works?

The older ones usually depend on radio frequencies and DIP switches to work. Whereas the newer ones typically work with the help of wireless technology. Those garage door openers can be programmed easily so that multiple openers can open all doors in your home where there is more than one garage, or all openers can open just one door of your house. So, when the frequency of the garage door opener or the wireless signal interferes with the devices of other households, you may need to reset it.

First of all, you need to know what kind of garage door opener you have. To determine whether it is an old or new model, just check the main unit to see if it has a button or series of switches saying “Home” or “Learn.” If the opener has a button on the inside, then it’s a newer model. If it has switches, you can reprogram it with those.

How to reset garage door opener with the DIP system?

If your garage door opener is an older model, it will have near about nine to twelve switches within the main unit and the remote. In order to connect the automatic remote to the opener, the switches need to be in the same positions on both of them. So, check the position of the switches; if those don’t match, take something like a pen and slide the switches on the remote to give them a position identical to the main unit. After this, you can test if those are working fine.

How to reset garage door opener if you have a newer system?

If your garage door opener has a reset button and you need to reprogram it, then you can follow this method. First, find the button showing “Learn” or “Home.” There you will see that next to the button, there is a LED light or the antenna of the garage door opener. The light will flash in a different color depending on what kind of garage door opener you are using.

After finding the reset button, you can start resetting the opener. Though the exact method may vary, most models that have a button will need you to push them for near about five seconds. Another easy method needs you to hold the button down until the light starts blinking. For most openers, you just need to do this process for reprogramming.

Therefore, these are two easy ways to reset garage door opener; however, if you are confused, you can contact Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair.

How to align garage door sensors

How to align garage door sensors?

Garage doors are one of the most important and heaviest parts of our house. However, what do you need to do if your garage door is not working properly? What to do if you have manually open and closed your garage door? Then, maybe there is something wrong with the sensors of your garage door sensors, and to help your garage door to work properly, you need to learn how to align garage door sensors.

The functionality of your garage doors depends a lot on their sensors. Your garage door usually has two sensors. One of them is known as the emitter, which sends signals to the other sensor, which is known as the receiver, which then closes the door. However, if both your garage door sensors are not in proper alignment, then the receiver will not be able to receive the signals given by the emitter, and the door will not close.

Fortunately, realigning your garage door sensors is not a tough task. If you are wondering how you can align your garage door sensors, then here are some steps to help you out.

Tools you may need

To align your garage door sensors, the tools you will need are:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Level.
  • Electricity-resistant gloves.
  • String.


The steps of how to align your garage door sensors

If you wish to align the sensors of your garage door on your own, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Disconnecting the power supply to your garage

In the first step, you need to turn off the power supply to the sensors of your garage door. You can either turn off the switch off the sensors are plugged manually into the wall outlet, or you can trip the fuse of the garage from the breaker box of your house.

You have to ensure that while fiddling with those wires, you are wearing electricity-resistant gloves. The wires you are working with may not be live wires. Still, you should not take any chances as it concerns your personal safety.

  • Unscrewing the screws while holding the sensors

In this step, you need to loosen the mounting brackets of the garage door sensors by opening the screws. You can do this by inserting your screwdriver into the screws and moving it anticlockwise.

You should remember that you just have to loosen the screws. There is no need to take them out completely. The reason is that now you need to slide the mounting brackets up and down, and this cannot be possible if those screws go missing.

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  • Sliding the sensors of your garage door downward

After loosening the screws, you should slide the sensor downward with your hands. Remember not to use a wrench to move the sensor because it may disturb the functionality of your sensors.


  • Attaching the string

Now, you need to slide them as low as possible and then attach one end of a string to one sensor and also the mounting bracket. Tie the knot tightly.

  • Checking the string level

Put a level below the string. You need to manually press the level against the string and then hold it for a few seconds.

  • Tightening the screws

Once you can be sure that the level is showing that both your sensors are on the same level. You should fasten and tighten the screws and check that those sensors are not moving from their new place.

  • Final step

Now, you can remove the springs and turn the power off your garage.


Therefore, all these steps of how to align garage door sensors can be helpful for you. However, if you are confused, you can contact the experts of Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair.


replace the garage door spring

How to replace the garage door spring?

If we look into how to replace the garage door spring? The instructions for changing garage door springs here are for do-it-yourself individuals as well as maintenance repair technicians who service smaller commercial and industrial modular overhead doors. These instructions are for torsion springs that are mounted on both sides of a connector bracket above the garage door’s middle.

If your door spring assembly is different, some of these recommendations may be useful, but others may provide unsafe, inaccurate advice that could cost you a lot of money and time if you try to repair the springs using conventional instructions.

Low-headroom garage doors, for example, frequently use chord drums around the outside of the edge and torsion springs that wound down instead of up. Left wind springs are usually positioned upon the left side of the main anchor bracket, while right wind springs are installed on the right side. The ultimate bearing capacity plate is the first element on the shaft after each torsion spring. The cable drum is located just outside the end bearing plate.

This website should assist you if one of the door springs has recently broken, and you need to determine whether you can safely and correctly replace the spring or springs. Garage doors made of wood are hefty and would most likely harm or destroy the opener. When steel doors are operated with broken springs, the tops of the doors frequently bow.

How can you understand that the garage door is aging?

Since a garage door with deteriorating springs places a significant load on the garage door opener, another symptom of aging springs is hearing the electromagnetic door opener strain as it tries to lift the door. It’s time to think about changing the springs at this stage. Door springs that have become brittle with age can abruptly fail, causing the gate to slam closed violently.

Garage door springs are irreparable. Both springs must be replaced simultaneously time during maintenance. If one spring breaks, you can guarantee the other is reaching the end of its lifespan.

How can you replace the garage door springs?

  • Purchase New Springs

Buy a set of replacement springs that are identical to the old springs’ specs. They are usually specified for doors that are 7 or 8 feet tall.

  • Garage Door Preparation

To keep the garage door from closing accidentally while you work, completely open it and attach C-clamps towards both garage door tracks. You can also use a long brace to cover the end portion of the gate if desired.

  • Spring Extension Detach

Remove the main extension spring from its attachment on the rear of the door track.

  • Disconnect Cable Lift

Disconnect the lift wire from the bracket a little above the door aperture where it attaches to the door rail.

  • Connect the Lift Cable

Connect the output of a new spring to the door track’s connecting point as well as the other side to the adjustable pulley.

What are the cautions that you need to know?

If you possess garage door openers and fear a door spring is broken, do not separate the device from the door while it is open (by pushing the red automatic shutoff handle). When you do, the gate could collapse underneath its practically full weight with none to stop it. This is a life-threatening circumstance. When a spring breaks, it’s also dangerous leaving the door open since someone might try to close this without understanding how weighty it is.

Here, we have discussed how to replace the garage door springs. However, as per the Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair, the important part of the procedure is to keep safety measures.

program Chamberlain garage door opener

How to program Chamberlain garage door opener?

You’d need to know how to program Chamberlain garage door opener if you bought one. Once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you’ll be able to access the garage door at the touch of a button whenever you choose. Never worry about waking up a sleeping youngster or managing shopping bags while fiddling with your garage door again!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, though, you’ve come to the correct place! We’ll walk you through the programming process of Chamberlain garage door opener. It’ll be incredibly easy because we’ll accomplish this in a small step.

Make a decision on how you want to program your opener

Depending on the model of your door opener, the programming instructions will differ significantly. You might locate a tutorial for your version available on the internet if you’re lucky. Don’t worry if your opener doesn’t have a video. It just indicates that you’ll need to consult the handbook for assistance with certain stages, such as locating the program button.

Based on the features in your system, you’ll have a variety of possibilities. The learn key on your door opener is actually the first choice. You can also use a door controller that has a learn button if you have one. You can also use a smart control center if you have one.

Check to see if your remote control works with your door opener

Keep in mind that Chamberlain controllers will only operate with openers of garage doors that were manufactured after 1993. Photoelectric sensors will also be required for your garage door. Carefully remove the lid from the opener and mount your ladder. The learn button is normally on the inside, near which the antenna hangs down, on the front or side panel.

Examine your door tracks if you’re not sure if your garage door has all those sensors. You will find these somewhere near the bottom of the track. A Chamberlain garage door remote control will not operate if the door opener utilizes a dip switch instead.

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On the remote control, program the button you want to use

You’ll have a variety of keys to control your door opener with most remote devices. Select the one you’d like to use. Now push it as many times as the color of the learn key indicates. If the key is yellow, you will only need to press it once. You’ll have to tap it twice if it’s purple. Press the red and otherwise orange learn key three times on openers that have one. Press four times for the green learn button.

Prepare the Remote – controlled Panel 

You need to prepare the remote-controlled panel or Programming. The program me button is intended to be difficult to hit, so you don’t accidentally reprogram your garage door opener. Using a paperclip will make pressing it easier. Unwind the end of the wire unless you have a longer, flat length. Now press the button with the end of the cable until the light turns on.

Even uninstalling your door opener for an extended period of time will not suffice. If you’re leaving on vacation, you can unhook the door opener. When you get back, you won’t have to reprogram it. This concludes our tutorial on how to program Chamberlain garage door opener, as per the experts of Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair. We hope you’ve gained confidence in your ability to do this task.

lubricate the garage door

How to lubricate the garage door?

Our lives have been simplified by automatic garage doors. However, without proper maintenance, these convenient parts of our houses might begin to make loud noises, break, or malfunction. Thus, learning the steps of how to lubricate garage door is really important for the proper function and durability of garage doors. It is crucial to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door at a regular interval of six months to enjoy the smooth operation of your garage door.

With the proper steps, tools, and materials, anyone can learn the procedure of how to lubricate a garage door and its parts.

What to do before lubricating your garage door?

Before you start lubricating your garage door, you should complete a few maintenance tasks. Such as:

  • Carefully inspect the rollers 

Most garage door rollers have bearings that are unsealed and hence, can collect dirt. So, inspect those carefully to make sure that they are in good working condition.

  • Tighten every part

Before applying lubricant, just make sure that all nuts and bolts and tightened but don’t over-tighten them. Also, check for any damaged or worn-out parts and replace them if required.

  • Tighten the opener chain

Do not forget to tighten the chain of your garage door opener. A loose chain makes a slapping sound and may cause your garage door to jerk around.

  • Check the hinges

You should check the hinges, as worn hinges may be noisy and may cause the door to bind at each section while opening.

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A step-by-step guide on how to lubricate garage door

If you are not sure how to lubricate garage door, you may follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close the garage door

In order to have proper access to all parts of your garage door, your door needs to be in the “down” position. So, before starting your task, you need to make sure that your garage door is closed.

  • Don’t forget to shut off the power

If your garage door suddenly opens while you are applying lubrication, it could be a dangerous situation, and you could even have some serious injuries. Thus, you need to make sure that this can’t happen, and for that, just shut off the power of your garage door.

You can also disconnect the garage door from its power source. So that there will be no risk of it getting activated while you are lubricating the parts of the garage door.

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  • Clean the tracks

The tracks of your garage door can be clogged with dust and dirt build-up. So, first of all, you should remove that debris. You can take a damp rag and wipe away that debris out of your garage door tracks to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door. Your garage door tracks do not need lubrication.

  • Lubricate the bearing plates and springs

You should lubricate the springs along with the bearing plates for the proper functioning of your garage door. You can use spray-on lubricant for covering the outside parts and center parts of the springs.

  • You should lubricate the hinges and rollers

For the smooth movement of your garage door, you should lubricate the hinges and rollers of your garage door.

  • Lubricate the lock and the top of the rail

You should also lubricate the part that houses the chain and also the lock to prevent them from getting rust.

  • Test all parts

Lastly, you should test all parts of your garage door to make sure no part is damaged.

Thus, by following these steps, you can easily complete the procedure of how to lubricate garage door. However, if you are confused, you may contact best garage door repair in Las Vegas.

paint a garage door

How to paint a garage door: Tips for painting your garage door

While planning about painting your home’s exterior, you should not forget to paint your garages. Your garage door contributes heavily to the overall visuals of your home’s exterior. A regularly maintained and well-kept garage door can increase the curb appeal of your property to a great extent. Thus, it can make you stand out. A good paint job can make a great difference when you are thinking about improving the look, durability, and quality of your garage door. So, let us discuss some tips & advice regarding how to paint a garage door to make your garage look really special.

How to paint a garage door

In the procedure of how to paint a garage door, there are a series of steps that you can follow to paint the garage door if you wish to enjoy a good result without any hassle. So, you need to follow these procedures to complete the paint job perfectly.

  • Mix the paint properly

Sometimes, the ingredients of your paint can get separated when the paint sits around for too long. So, make sure to mix the paint properly and often to get the best consistency and color.

  • Apply two coats of paints

Though it is your personal choice; however, adding a second coat of paint can give your garage door the perfect coverage and better protection from damage.

  • Paint each square separately

You should paint by going square by square from top to bottom. This will help you to keep track of which squares need a second coat of paint. While painting, you can use brushes, paint rollers, or a paint sprayer to apply paint to the garage door. Paint sprayers are the fastest of these three options, but using those requires more caution and skill.

  • You should paint the trim

You should start by painting the edges, then move on to the face of the trim to give your garage door the most efficient painting.

  • Paint the frame of your garage door

Painting your garage door frame is equally important as painting the door itself. Just cover the inside frame of the door completely until the procedure is complete.

Tips for painting a garage door

While proceeding with the tasks of how to paint a garage door, you should follow some tips regarding painting a garage door. With these tips, you can be able to paint your garage door perfectly.

  1. Sand down the paint: For a smoother surface, you should sand down the loose flakes of previous paint.
  2. Plan according to the weather: Painting on humid or hot days can cause you to sweat. So, you should try painting on a day with low humidity or a cool day for working in the most comfortable painting environment.
  3. Before painting, power-wash the garage door: You should wash the garage door before painting to remove any grime or dirt from the surface so your garage door can be ready for paint.
  4. Use a tarp: You should protect your garage door from paint spills and splatters by putting a tarp underneath the door.
  5. Adjust the garage door for manual movement: Painting on a tight and fixed garage door can be really tough, so you should separate the door from the drive mechanism. Thus, you can raise and lower the door manually to paint comfortably.


Therefore, while conducting the procedure of how to paint a garage door, you should follow these tips. However, if you are still hesitant, you can contact Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair.