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Commercial door repair Las Vegas – Gating your parking lot is beneficial

Everyone wants a proper parking area to park their precious car especially if it comes to a work place. Every office should have their own parking lot as it is beneficial to the company. The employees of the company will be impressed with the boss. When they will know that their car will be completely safe in the parking lot they can concentrate more on work & can be more productive. The parking lots should have a gate too for safety. You need to get in touch with commercial door repair Las Vegas regularly to ensure its safety.

Why every property needs a parking lot?

If we remove ‘why’ from the above sentence then one of most important aspect of our property is in front of us. The short & simple answer is we need parking lots because our vehicle needs a safe place to stay all day long so that we could work without any worry.

Forget about thief just think a small scratch on our car how badly hurts us & an open parking place can give our car a lot of scratch.

Is it expensive to maintain a parking lot?

Absolutely not! Think about how many dollars we spend on renting a parking lot. They are super expensive especially in downtowns. So, owning a parking lot at end is going to save the money of an individual. Other than this, those super expensive parking lots cannot provide the amount of security one wants for their car. People get worried all day long if their care is safe or not. So, leaving worries behind & owning a parking lot is a smart decision.

How can we make our parking lots safer?

Owing a parking lot is already safe for vehicles but installing a door in front would make it safer. A strong & good quality door of the parking lot will not only make the vehicles safe but also make safe the persons inside the property.

Can it help with anything else other than parking? What are those?

The answer is yes, it can help with a lot of things other than just parking vehicles. As we already mentioned if we install a secure strong gate it will make people who are in that property safe including their vehicles.

We can add security cam on the door to watch over who are entering & when. It is very helpful for a company specially to identify their employees from unknown persons. It makes their office safe.

How can we maintain safety all the time?

This also has a simple answer – just maintain the door properly and the door will do the rest of works for safety. Give the door of parking lot regular service it is important to maintain the health of the door.

Doors are the easy target of thieves to enter in someone’s property so the doors should be in good health. If one wants to make their place safe then they should do commercial door repair in Las Vegas regularly.

There are many companies that provide professional commercial door repair in Las Vegas. Those who want to own a safe parking lot should find out about them quickly. They have their expert visions to check on each & every part of the door. Proper checking of door by the experts will provide proper repairing or servicing too. Thus, from the lock to key every single thing of the gate will be in good condition. Directly it will make the property safe & indirectly it will give protection to the people who are in the property.

To get the best services in commercial garage doors, you can call Best Garage Doors and get garage door repair services for reasonable prices.


Get Best Garage Repair Las Vegas

Don’t Compromise With Repairing Works – Get Best Garage Repair

The hardest & strongest part of your home is the garage door. It not only stands strong but also works hard. You have to rely on them a lot as it is the only thing that opens & closes on your command. They need a little care & love to function. So, giving it the best maintenance & repairing is your duty. To maintain a door properly you need to service or repair it annually. Garage door services Las Vegas is quite easy to get.

You just need to choose the right company to service your garage door & after that it’s all their responsibility. But there are some points which you need to remember as the owner of the garage door. Here we are going to discuss about that.

Few things you can do for your garage door:

There are few things which are easy for you to do regularly to maintain the health of your garage door. For example,

  • Oiling door tracks on regular basis.
  • Listing carefully if your garage door is making any kind of weird sound or not.
  • Noticing it that your garage door is opening on its normal speed or not.
  • Noticing it the opening procedure is smooth or not if not then you should take action immediately before it gets worse.
  • Taking good care of it from time to time and providing it with regular maintenance by experts.

You need to service your garage door regularly as:

  • If you service the door of your garage regularly you will notice the problems immediately.
  • The small problems used to get big if you ignore them but detecting those on time & repairing immediately can solve it easily.
  • It can extend the life of your garage door so basically spending little on maintenance can actually save a big amount of money for you.
  • Your garage door goes through a lot of physical strain so giving it a little relaxation by servicing it regularly is kind of your duty.

Neglecting small problems can bring big trouble:

  • Yes! It is exactly what we said. Garage doors also do a lot of physical work like you. So, maintaining its physic is important as your own physic. Ignoring small symptoms of our body can cause big problems & it is same for a garage door. Notice it & repair it, your garage door will last the longest time.

Professional opinions on garage door matters:

  • Like any other service, garage door service Las Vegas needs some expert opinion as well, to function properly.
  • Experts can give you advice on each & every part of your garage door. They can also detect the smallest problems of every part which might turn into something big near future.
  • Above all, just like you need a doctor, your garage door also needs expert care sometimes.

Garage door servicing is important because not only they are probably the heaviest object of your house but also, they protect some most important things of your life, your precious cars! If you love your cars then there should be no second opinion about servicing the garage doors regularly. It is also the primary entrance of many houses so protecting the main door or entrance of your house is very important to feel safe & secure.

Read more: Troubleshoot When Garage Door Remote Not Working

Otherwise, you may think you are saving a lot of money by not servicing your garage door regularly but the result could be exact opposite of it. Spending a little amount on commercial door repair Las Vegas regularly can save you from spending a big chunk of money at once.

Best Garage Doors is one such company in Las Vegas that is known for not compromising quality while offering affordable services. You can call them for any service you need.




Summer garage door tips

Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

We all use the garage door multiple times a day all seasons. If you’re looking forward to garage door maintenance then summer would be the ideal time to hire a professional and execute the garage door maintenance projects. With all the beating the garage door went through the last year, it may need maintenance so that it can survive the upcoming winters. 


Furthermore, it is necessary to check the functionality of the garage door regularly as we all know how important it is. For extending its life, you can follow some measures at home however, it may require the help of a professional as well. The life of the garage door highly depends on how you maintained it. Let’s look at some of the maintenance tips you can try out this summer for the longevity of the garage door. 


Basic Maintenance You can do by Yourself this Summer 


1) Washing Your Garage Door

Washing the garage door is a must. A garage door adds convenience and attraction to your home. You can use a scrub to clean all parts of the garage door. We advise you not to put much pressure while scrubbing as doing so can damage the motor. If you find any leaks or crack in the door then repair them right away.


2) Clean the Spring Routinely 

Springs need to be replaced every year for the smooth operation of the garage door. Springs are the most important part of the garage door. When the springs are work out then it hampers the functionality of the garage door and opener. So, if you see any signs of wear and tear then replace them instantly. 


3) Check the Locking Mechanism

The most important thing you need to check is the locking mechanism of your garage door. Most owners think that the locking mechanism doesn’t work when the garage door is in use which is not true. If the door is open more than half an inch or quarter an inch then you need to replace the door opener immediately. 


4) Lubricate the Garage Door 

Lubricating the garage door helps it to function at its best. Lubricate the springs, rollers, and bearing plates on a regular basis. You can either grease or oil the garage door. However, it is advisable to use oil instead of grease. Moreover, oil is less expensive compared to grease. After applying grease on rollers and tracks you’d see signs of wear after a few months. 

You use the garage door several times a day so make sure you lubricate all the parts well. When you install a new garage door then read the instructions as to how it is lubricated. 


5) Clean Your Garage Door Entry

You need to clean the garage door once a year. Using the mild soap solution would do the job. Opt for a cleanser that is exclusively made for cleaning the garage door entry. 


How to Keep Your Garage Door Cool?

You might be facing some challenges to cool down the garage door during the summers. So, follow these measures to cool down the garage door. 


  • Ventilation: Open all the windows which would increase air circulation inside the garage. 
  • Ceiling Fans: If your garage has fewer windows then you can install a ceiling fan to increase air circulation. The cooling is moderate when compared to an air conditioner. But they are way cheaper. 
  • Lighter Shades: Avoid dark colors. Go for lighter shades when you’re coloring the garage. Lighter shades reflect the heat and keep the garage cool. 
  • Garage Door with builtin Insulation: If nothing works for you then you can install a garage door with built-in insulation. It would keep away hot air away. 
  • Air Conditioning: You can also install an air conditioner. However, the energy cost would be quite expensive when compared to ceiling fans. 
  • Decluttering Your Garage: For improving airflow you can get rid of all the unnecessary things from your garage. You can sell all those things and make some money. 


Concluding Words

For Emergency garage door repair you can get in touch with Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair. Our services are affordable and reliable. Visit our website for more information. You can also check the feedbacks of our existing customers. What are you waiting for? Give this summer, your garage door the right care it needs. 


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Hardware Décor Options for Garage Doors

Usually, a garage is built adjacent to the front segment of your apartment or bungalow. So, it is always logical to put on decorative hardware to your garage door. In all probability, the garage door hardware kit with style and color adds value to the entire garage outlook at all times. Before going for the hardware décor options, you should focus on both design and construction components. These elements may constitute cross rails, archtops, multiple panels, diagonal boards, and so on.

Why One Goes for Hardware Décor for His Garage Door?

The curb appeal always attracts potential buyers when they look at the exterior of a residential property, and they mix it with the splendor of a decorative garage door. It undoubtedly enhances the property valuation. Decorative door hardware includes a range of colors, styles, materials, sizes, and related components. However, one must be careful to maintain the door décor in such a manner so that it does not undermine the front door appeal.

In view of the above, the property owner should always decide on the main objectives while choosing hardware décor options. He should invariably focus on the following factors:

  • Living in a house where the garage draws more attention due to its placement at the front
  • Living in a house where the garage is placed in the backyard
  • Owner’s way of thinking to give equal importance to both garage and front doors
  • Property owner’s exclusive preference to decorate his garage door

How to Choose Hardware Décor for Garage Doors?

Most people like to implement antique style carriage doors, which are so common in terms of both looks and value addition. You may find plenty of options to choose from the provider’s catalogs. To mention a few tips will not be out of context here:

  1. Door Color and Style

Before arriving at a decision, you need to look at various door styling and choose the perfect one that matches the frontage of your property. The hardware decoration should not look awkward to repel the onlookers. It may be a swing or barn styling with exquisite design elements.

  1. Door Fixing

Decorative garage door hinges must conform to a minimum of 1/4th to 1/3rd as per the width of the door opening. It means you should treat the double-wide door as two-door openings fastened by strap hinges.

  1. Matching Door Accessories

The decorator should take special attention to optimize ring pulls, latches and pull handles a less than 34” that should not go beyond the shoulder height of the property drive way.

  1. Rustic Materials

The house owner should also take adequate precautions and always inspect the door décor materials before fixing. Rustic garage door hardware will never do justice to your sincere efforts for an ideal garage door decoration and can impact your budget and goodwill.


Concluding Words

The extent of garage door decoration entirely depends on personal choice. Some may like an accented bearing, and others may choose a light impression, which is virtually an upgrade to your robust door. You can always check with Las Vegas Best Garage Door to find the best decorative hardware. Our door design gallery is ample proof of our commitments to our customers for high-quality services in this regard.



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Top 5 Garage Door Trends for 2021

Going into a new year calls for new plans, new resolutions, and a whole lot of change on your list. Why not include your garage door in the list too? Well, people are ditching all the old and bland designs and opting for a more and more modern touch. Here are some speculated garage door trends for 2021:


1) The Eye-Catchers

It is high time that we ditch boring and plain designs. It is not really necessary to blend with the landscape you have. Garage doors can really build the curb appeal of your estate. As we enter a new year, people have called for eye-catching designs of their garage doors. A variety of patterns, styles, hardware, and materials play a significant role in giving attention-grabbing and bold design.


2) A Little Colorplay

Usually, garage doors come in white, brown, or beige. In 2021, the nondescript trend is not here to stay. More and more people are opting to add even darker or bolder colors to the garage doors. Darker and deeper tones help in achieving an elegant yet bold look. It enhances the contrast and adds life to colors such as green, blue, or red. The recent trends have witnessed a significant surge in homeowners wanting to experiment with their garage door looks.


3) Opting for Smart Doors

Technology has evolved and keeps doing with each passing day. And, the world of tech has also made sure to include garage doors in the process. Smart garage doors come with added user-friendly conveniences. It includes being able to open and close the garage door with the help of your phone. This, in turn, eliminates the quest for remote openers. Also, the support app allows you to keep a check on your garage door if you want to make sure of certain things.


4) For the Eco-Conscious Ones

Sustainable garage doors are the newest in the trend. With growing concerns for the environment, eco-friendly garage doors have really caught the attention of the homeowners. These doors are made up of eco-friendly materials. Resins, fiber, wood pulp, and wax fall under the non-metallic options. You can also find metal doors that fall under the eco-friendly category. These doors are said to used solar power from where the garage door opener draws its power from. The garage door parts are made of sustainable materials too. These eco-friendly garage doors would however cost slightly more than the other types of garage doors but over time, as their demand increases, the prices may be set to reasonable.


5) Glass Incorporated Designs

Incorporating glass in the garage door makes way for more and more natural light. This saves electricity and makes way for a better ambiance and look of the garage. However, besides being energy efficient, these garage doors also serve the purpose of being a modern design and adding a trendier look to the overall design. Large windows on the garage doors make the overall look set apart from the generic garage door designs.


The Bottom Line

If keeping up with the trends is your thing, Las Vegas Best Garage Door is just the right fit for you. All of our certified technicians have years of experience offering you the right assistance you need.




Weatherproofing is vital for both residential and commercial properties. Garage doors are probably the single most frequently used, most significant entry point into your house. Garage doors are mostly exposed to all weather conditions of different seasons throughout the year. Extreme colds in the winter, heavy rains of the monsoon, or the scorching sunbeams of the summer can take a toll on your home if you do not weatherproof it properly.

Many people may take the garage door insulation lightly until they realize that many of their problems have origins from the uninsulated garage doors. Weatherproofing your garage door is not a very expensive service. In return, it can save a lot of your money every month on your electricity bills. Besides, you will not need any additional device to insulate your garage or home.


What is Weatherstripping?

The term garage door weatherstripping refers to the professional process of sealing a garage door from all sides. This process is aimed to give your home protection from all seasonal hazards. The weatherstripping materials are pasted or attached at the edges of the garage door to fill in any gaps between the door and the walls so that the natural temperature of any particular season cannot seep into the garage and then to your house.


Benefits of Weatherstripping

If you have a garage adjacent to your house, you will know that a garage is not just a storage place for your car. People tend to use space for multipurpose reasons to serve different household requirements. Thus, weatherstripping becomes essential for your office and home garage door to save your family and belongings from natural wear and tears. Apart from maximizing the protection from the rain, wind, snow, and heat, there are some more benefits that we can get from weatherstripping our garage doors. Some of them include:

  • It can serve as an insulation and maintain your home’s interior temperature without being affected by nature outside. It helps a lot in saving on your energy bills.
  • The garage-door-bottom weather seals work as a barrier against the dust and insects from entering your house.
  • No matter how the weather is outside, your vehicles and other belongings are least affected by it inside the weather-sealed garage door.
  • It helps prolong your garage door’s life by acting as an extra cushion padding from the damages due to daily usage.


Inspect If Your Garage Door Weatherstripping is Damaged

Checking your weatherstripping by the professionals is regularly at least once or twice a year is ideal. After closing the door, look closely at the edges of the door for any gaps. You can check:

  • If there is any light passing through
  • Check if you can feel any breeze escaping into your home from outside or you are losing the temperature of the house through any gap
  • Is there any part of your garage door or the weather seal flaking, cracking, getting rusts, or missing?

If you find none of these, then you don’t have to worry about your garage door weatherstripping for a minimum of a year. But if you find any of the above situations available with your door, then it might have come the time to replace the weather seal of your garage door.


Garage Door Weatherstripping-Trim types

The types of garage door weather seals are mainly based on their material and their usages. Some of the garage door seal-trim types are:

  • Garage door bottom seal
  • Garage Door Stop Weatherstripping
  • Garage Door Threshold Seal
  • Garage Door Panel Weatherstripping
  • Vinyl Door Stop with Integrated Weatherstrip


How to Buy Garage door Weatherstripping?

If you are buying these products for the first time, you may find it challenging to choose the right product. But if you know what to look for in a product to get the best deal, the task becomes a lot easier. Here are some points you need to be careful about while buying a weather seal for your garage door.

  • Sturdy material so that it can withstand the challenges of the weather and insect attacks
  • A long-lasting manufacturing quality which can survive the wears and tears due to heavy daily usage
  • Easy installation process
  • The weather seal should provide safety to your family and property


Final Takeaway

Las Vegas Best Garage Door is one of the best-rated garage door repair and service providers in the locality. They offer an all-round garage door service, including the garage door weatherstripping and many more at an affordable price. If you are looking for a professional service for your garage door, they have the best technicians in town and an excellent customer service system. Get your estimate and experience the best garage door service today.

Garage Door Styles

Top 4 Aesthetically Pleasing Garage Door Styles

When the whole front facade of your house consists of the garage door you are likely to put a lot of thought into designing it. Matching and maintaining aesthetics become important and you do not really feel like settling for just any design. Poor choices can lead to an eyesore, undoubtedly.

List of aesthetically pleasing garage door styles:


1) Doors with Raised Panels

Raised panel garage doors are one of the most common garage door trends. Most homeowners opt for this style when it comes to a new garage door installationThe original design of the raised panel garage doors had floating panels fitted inside a frame namely rail & style. However, the later versions of the raised panel garage doors often come with fiberglass and the door panels are really solid. These are molded and made to resemble the original raised-panel door. The raised panel garage doors are available in fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel. You can choose your own from the lot!


2) Doors with Traditional Designs

The leading manufacturers of garage doors offer styles that tend to complement the American style of architecture that includes Colonial, Ranch, Victorian, Cape, or Craftsman. These doors are also made to suit European styles like Spanish, Tudor, Mediterranean, and French Country. All these designs can be ordered especially with your desired color and material options. The wide range of options will allow you to match the garage door with the interior of your house, even if it is Southern Mediterranean, American Prairie, or European Tudor. Now, these doors come with a standard roll-up mechanism. The hinged panels bend near the seams and are horizontal. These panels roll up on the tracks situated overhead.


3) Carriage-Style Doors

These garage door styles have been inspired by the doors found in old carriage houses. However, they are modified a bit to suit the tone of modern contemporary homes. The carriage doors in the traditional era used to swing open from the center, manually. The modern garage carriage styled doors fold open with the help of automatic openers. These doors are designed to retain that traditional look while being modern and user-friendly when it comes to their functionality and features.


4) Doors with Contemporary Slabs

Having similar house designs aligned with the style of your garage door has become of importance now. Clean lines, defined patterns, and high-tech materials have a different appeal to it. The most popular choice lies with tempered glass panels available as tinted, clear, or frosted. These come encased in frames made out of painted aluminum. If we are taking popularity into consideration, homes with a retro-modern theme have garage doors that open when folded up as one panel only and not as four horizontal panels that are made to bend near the hinges when the door is raised. Similar to carriage doors, the slab doors also need an automatic opener that is specialized to serve the needs.


Final Throughs

We here at Las Vegas Best Garage Door offers one of the most comprehensive garage door services in Las Vegas. With a plethora of options to choose from, you can be rest assured to get the perfect fit according to your preference. So, get in touch with us, to avail all the benefits today!


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5 Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Should be Aware of

A stuck garage door can get in the way of your being punctual for work or any important place you want to be. Therefore, the smooth functioning of the garage door is necessary. How to ensure that? Regular maintenance! E

Tips that you can follow and keep your garage door in shape:

  • Always opt for multiple bids
  • Look for relevant information
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Check out their BBB ratings
  • Always avoid potential red flags

1) Regular Lubrication of the Moving Parts

The moving parts of a garage door need to be lubricated over time. If not, it can start making squeaking sounds and get in the way of the garage door’s functioning. A spray lubricant can be used to grease the drive screw or the chain of the garage door opener. You also need to lubricate the rollers, tracks, and door hinges.


2) Checking the Hardware for the Tightness

A garage door is used many times a day. With time, the usage may weigh on its operation and the hardware can loosen. To keep the hardware in check, you need to look out for any loose bolts or roller brackets. Tighten the loose parts accordingly and your garage door is good to go. You need to do this frequently if your garage door is used a lot of times throughout the day.


3) Keeping the Door’s Balance in Check

A garage door with poor balance will put a lot of pressure on the opener every time you open and close the garage door. Such pressure will lessen the lifespan of the garage door openers. So, how to check if the garage door is balanced or not? First, you will need to disconnect the door opener. You can do this with a strong pull of the release handle. Next, lower the garage door halfway. Now, if the garage door remains in that position without any external help, the door is balanced. If the door rides up or falls down, the tension of the garage food spring needs to be readjusted.


4) Check the Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse feature is for safety purposes as it is designed to prevent any kind of injury. Annual testing of this feature is mandatory to make sure that it is serving its purpose. To test this, you will simply need to place a brick or a large wood piece underneath the door. If the feature is functioning, it will reverse the door when it comes into contact with the placed objects. Reverse features are designed for detecting pets and people.


5) Do Regular Inspection of the Parts for any Damage

With use, garage door parts like the cables and rollers tend to damage. A regular inspection ensures that every part of the garage door is without any damage. If there is any damage, get the damaged and broken parts replaced by a professional.


The Bottom Line

Las Vegas Best Garage Door provides all the garage door repair services. We also provide 24-hour emergency garage door services. Get in touch with us and get the best professional services in Las Vegas.


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Top 5 Garage Door Repair Services

At a Glance: 

  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • Lubricating the Moving Parts
  • Fixing Bent Tracks
  • Troubleshooting Automatic Openers
  • Fixing Dented Garage Doors


Maintaining your garage door on a regular basis can get tedious at times. So, here is a list of some of the heavily requested garage door repaired services you can ask for.


1) Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are one of the most critical parts of the garage doors. The springs facilitate the opening and closing of the garage doors. The needed tension is produced by these garage door springs. However, constant expansion and contraction over a long period will cause them to wear out. So, how to know if the springs need to be replaced? If your garage door does not remain open when you open it, it indicates a problem. Due to the tension that the garage door springs hold, they are capable of causing severe injury. Therefore, consulting a professional in this situation is the best option.


2) Lubricating the Moving Parts

Squeaking or squealing sounds are indicative of garage door issues. Proper lubrication keeps the moving garage door parts in a good form and makes them work as they should. Lubrication of the moving parts is done as a part of the inspection. If you do not get your garage door inspected on a regular basis, these problems will keep appearing. However, just lubricating is not enough to get rid of the issues. Lithium-based grease is the best kind of lubricant for garage doors. You need to lubricate the parts like hinges, armbar, springs, bearing plates, and the chain. If you are not sure about doing it on your own, you can always call an expert and get your issues solved.


3) Bent Tracks Repair

Bent tracks are also a very common issue occurring in garage doors. The tracks are supposed to be straight as the garage door, while opening and closing, needs to be on this track. If the track is out of shape, it leads to the garage door not sitting evenly within the frame. The squeaking sounds are also produced due to the out of shape tracks. If the bend is manageable, hammering it will fix it. Else, you will surely need to call a technician to replace the tracks.


4) Troubleshooting the Automatic Opener

Automatic garage door openers work as a boon. It is common for them to not work as they should, after a certain period of use. The problems can be dead batteries or corroded contacts. Sometimes, the problem also lies with the settings which may not be aligned with the garage door. If the problem persists even after troubleshooting, you can contact an expert.


5) Dented Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are vulnerable when it comes to being dented. Anything from a football to a car can cause a dent in the garage door. Getting rid of the dent depends on the severity of it. At times you can use your lighter, aluminum foil, and compressed air to pop the dent back. This method works fine with small dents. But severe dents call for replacing the garage doors.


Call for the Professionals

At Las Vegas Best Garage Door, we replace, repair, and install garage doors of any kind. You can get in touch with us to get an estimate quote. Hire the best technicians and get your issues resolved hassle-free.



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Understanding the Significance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Yearly house maintenance is important. Just like that, garage maintenance is important too. You need garage door maintenance every twice a year so that it can function smoothly. Some likable breakdown can trap your cars inside, so garage door maintenance is a must. Don’t try to repair it by yourself; some things should be done only by a professional. In this article, we would give you some tips to maintain a garage door. You need to seek the help of a technician so that it won’t give you much trouble as you have to frequently open it.

Significance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

1) Cut Down Future Repair Expenses

According to research, it has been said that most Americans don’t have much money saved for an unexpected repair. If you’re not maintaining the garage door for a longer period of time, then obviously, you have to pay a huge amount of money for getting it repaired. So, maintaining it once or twice is important if you want down future repair expenses. If you didn’t examine the garage door on a regular basis, then rust and corrosion would develop. You have to force it to open, and the different parts of the garage would not function properly. Further including, our recommendation will always resort to opting for annual maintenance so that your repair cost doesn’t piles up over time.

2)Security from Garage Break-Ins

It has been seen that most break-ins happen through garage doors. The garage door protects your belongings, so opting for periodic maintenance ensures that you are getting the best closing mechanism that would prevent likable break-ins.

3) Increased Garage Safety

Doing garage door maintenance twice a year ensures that each part of the garage door is functioning properly. You can prevent injuries and help to keep the garage safe for you. As we all know, accidents can happen when the parts break or don’t function properly. The sharp edges can give you some trouble while entering the garage.

4) Garage Door Safety Sensors

Nowadays, most garage door system comes with safety sensors for good. Some safety sensors work on every door system. It helps a lot in providing you with:

• It helps in protecting your pets and children.
• It will prevent vehicle damage.
• Assists in garbage door maintenance.

5) It Keeps Rust Away

If your garage door has a ton of wirings and springs, it may corrode if you didn’t maintain it properly. If you immediately look into the matter, then you can save time and money; if you leave it like that, then you may have to pay a hefty amount for its repairing in the future.

6) Convenience

Just imagine, your garage door isn’t functioning properly, then entering the house and existing would be a problem during monsoon, winter seasons. If you have a well-maintained garage door, then you can easily enter your house through the garage door. If your garage door is lacking maintenance and not functioning properly, then returning from somewhere during the rainy, winter season would be a problem.

7) Gaps Between the Ground and Your Garage Door

If you didn’t maintain the garage door, then there can be a gap between the ground and your garage door due to distortion caused by water and other elements. This gap would make it easier for people to sneak into your garage. If the gap wouldn’t be sealed, then rodents can also make their home there and damage the wirings of the garage.

Get in Touch with the Professionals

Is the garage door making a loud sound than before? Does it operate smoothly, or you have to enforce it to open? Then if it’s not operating properly, then you can contact us. We here at Las Vegas best garage door provides great service for garage door maintenance. We are one of the best garage door repairs in Las Vegas. We will provide you with the best service. We don’t charge any extra money during weekends and at night. You can call us anytime; we are available 24×7. After the maintenance, we would sanitize your garage door units for good. You can also check the reviews of the existing customers on our site.

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How to Restore the Battery of Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

The garage doors are one of the most frequently used appliances in any commercial place or household. They provide security and safety to your properties from the attacks of nature and the nuisance makers. That is why garage doors are made of extremely sturdy materials, making them weigh somewhere between 180 pounds two a whopping 400 pounds. Fortunately, we have technologies that make it’s easy to shut and open such heavyweight doors, sometimes without even touching them.

Many companies produce garage door openers that are operated by remote controls. However, as we know, every advantage comes with some drawbacks. As the garage doors have many moving components, they often go dysfunctional. Then your garage door stops working people start panicking. But every time this happens, there doesn’t need to be a severe issue. Before jumping into any big decision, try checking the batteries of your garage door remote. And for that, it is essential for you to know how to change the battery in the garage door opener remote.


How to Change the Battery in the Garage Door Opener Remote

Dead cells are the most common reason for a non-functional garage door remote. The battery is used in garage door remotes have a life span of near about two years. The battery life depends on how frequently your garage door is moving up and down and what kind of batteries you use for your garage door remote.

One of the first signs that indicate your battery is dying is that you will have to press the buttons on your remote several times before you can successfully open the door. Now let us learn what kind of batteries we can use for our garage doors and, more necessarily, how we can change the batteries when they run out.


1) Open the Remote

The garage opener remotes come in a small handheld size and shape. So, you probably will not require any tools to open up the back cover of the remote control. You will get to see a small removable part at the back of your garage door remote. You have to push it and slide out with your fingers to reach the batteries placed inside. If you cannot find this kind of structure at the back of your remote control, you better refer to the garage door opener’s user manual, which will explain the step-by-step process on it.


2) Identify the Type of Battery

The next step is to identify the batteries. Similar to any other handheld device, these remotes can also require different kinds of batteries. Most commonly, the garage door opener remotes use cellular batteries. The remote controls may need AA batteries or a AAA battery. Once you figure out what kind of batteries you need, the replacement process becomes a lot more straightforward. Try always to buy an extra pair of batteries for the future.


3) Replace the Batteries and Reprogram the Remote

Once you are ready with the new set of garage door opener remote batteries, again open the back of the remote control and pop in the required number of batteries, and place to cover back. Sometimes you may need to reprogram the remote to make it work like before. If you find difficulty at any of the stages depicted here, you can always consult the instruction manual optional garage door opener to get thorough guidance.


Concluding Words

There are always a few more ways in which you can make your life easier. If you find your garage door remote is giving you difficulties more than just a simple replacement of the batteries, you may require to go online for detailed reading on the subject for self-diagnosis. Or call professional garage door help. Las Vegas Best Garage Doors Repair is a company that has been dedicatedly working for more than 25 years in this field and making people’s lives more comfortable with their service.

fiberglass garage door

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Any garage door’s primary function is to provide security to your vehicles, family members, and other belongings. It is the part of your house that remains exposed all through the years during different seasons and natural disasters. That is the reason why the material of which the garage door is made is crucial to keep in mind while installing a garage door. Steel wood and aluminum are the three most common garage door materials. But there is one more useful and study material used for manufacturing these garage doors – fiberglass.

Although it has a mixed review among its users, these garage doors are uniquely suited best for specific environments and people’s choices. So, before you decide to install a fiberglass garage door at your house, here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of fiberglass as a garage door material that help you determine if it is right for you or not.


Benefits of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass material has lost its popularity among homeowners in the last few years, but it has some advantages of using it, especially for some particular places.


  • It is a very lightweight material. The lesser weight helps put much less strain on the lifting parts of the door and makes it easier to open and close the door manually. You don’t need to be bothered about its sturdiness, as a steel core is usually included to give the door the required strength and durability.
  • Another attractive feature of this material is that it comes at a very affordable price. It is a lot cheaper than wood and sometimes even steel. Fiberglass comes in a similar price range as the aluminum doors, but with better insulation. If an insulating layer is included between the layers of fiberglass shells, the door becomes capable of providing more insulation than the wooden doors. This one is a great feature for improving the energy efficiency of your house.
  • One more fantastic advantage of this material is that it will not corrode. This feature makes it more preferable for the houses in the see area. The material will not expand or shrink with the abrupt temperature changes or cause rot or warp due to the excess moisture in the air. It is literally a very low-maintenance material.
  • Moreover, fiberglass is a transparent material that allows more natural light into your garage. Also, if you don’t want too much sunlight, you can always paint with your favorite colors and make designs of your choice to give it a chic look.


Drawbacks of Fiberglass Garage Doors

  • Since this material is semi-transparent and very lightweight, it lacks in providing the desired insulation if you do not have an extra layer. It compels you to invest in an additional insulation unit to save yourself from the long-term expenses of exorbitant electricity bills.
  • The door is not ideal for areas with a freezing atmosphere. Exposure to excess cold makes it fragile. It performs better in warmer places like Las Vegas.
  • Fiberglass material tends to break or get dented in front of high pressure of winds. Also, you can get frequent complaints from your neighbors about the noise it generates.
  • It also fails to protect you from break-ins and burglary as it can easily be broken.
  • And finally, fiberglass becomes yellow and brittle what age and continuous exposure to sunlight and cold.


The Bottom Line

Here we have provided you with a comprehensive understanding of all the aspects of the fiberglass garage doors. You should consider all the up and downsides you might have if you install the garage door of this material in your area before landing on any decision. But to be safe, you can always take suggestions from the professionals. If you are in Las Vegas looking for a garage door installation or repair work, Las Vegas Best Garage Doors is a company that provides high-quality professional garage door services in your area. You can visit their website or ask for a quotation to experience the quality of their services.