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Garage doors for homes in hot climate zones

People who have homes in the south or southwest part of the country, such as Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, etc., typically experience high temperatures. The architectural styles of the houses on these parts are designed according to the weather conditions and other environmental factors. So, certain essential factors of these climate zones are considered while designing the entire outdoors or for garage door designs.

Here are some of the best tips to make a note of before designing

Should be storm resistant

Homes in coastal and tornado-prone areas have to deal with hurricanes, tropical storms or heavy winds. Installing wind-resistant doors for your garage door will be the best possible solution. Stormproof garage door designs will help you resist heavy winds, debris and any other extreme element that comes with storms. After installation, you don’t have to add another additional set-up during a storm. Homes in hurricane-prone regions like Florida, Connecticut,

Texas, South and North Carolina need to have wind-rated storm doors for a “storm ready solution”.

Considering walkthrough doors for temperature regulation

Walkthrough or crossing doors are beneficial if added to the garage door designs for hot climates. These doors are integrated pedestrian doors built into existing garage doors. These types of doors have another two kinds, complimentary walkthrough doors and wicket doors. When temperatures are high, big openings of your garage can increase the temperature inside, especially the garage’s main entrance. Therefore, installing these doors will allow people to get in and out quickly without opening the overhead main door, which will take a lot of time to open and close. Walkthrough doors, to some extent, can stop the cool air from getting out and help keep a pleasant temperature inside.

Following the architectural style of the region can make a difference

The architectural style of homes in southern parts of the U.S is very different from Spanish and Mediterranean parts in southwestern U.S. Garage door designs for hot climates have somewhat to follow the regional architectural styles for better output. While customizing garage doors for a home, follow the house’s architectural style when choosing the colour, shape, windows, all kinds of hardware, and other features. Weather conditions of a particular region have a lot of impact on the architectural styles of the homes in that area. Following the norms while building homes in hot climate zones is always a good idea for satisfactory results.

Suitable garage door designs in hot climate zones are essential for better conditions and utility of your garage space. These points mentioned above one should keep in mind while building the space. Otherwise, it can be a significant failure in a hot climate, and keeping the temperature cool throughout the season can be a troublesome issue for the homeowner. These factors mentioned above will surely give you a logical outcome.


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