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How Does Garage Door Replacement Stand against Its Value in 2021?

Garage doors are one of the most important things of a home. With time, old garage doors need to be replaced. Also, many homeowners decide to replace the garage door to suit the rest of the house. While the cost of garage door replacement depends on the materials and the style used, the value of the garage door is completely something else. A garage door can not only boost its own value, but the value of the entire house as well. It has been seen that around 40 percent of the outlook of a house is influenced by garage doors. It can be quite important to maintain the garage door and use quality products. However, the cost doesn’t end there. It is advisable to replace garage doors in a manner which can increase the home value as well.

How Can Garage Door Replacement Enhance Home Value

There are many ways by which replacing a garage door can increase the home value. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Improvement in Curb Appeal
  2. Accommodating With House Style
  3. Enhancement in Safety and Security
  4. Energy Efficient
  5. Increased Investment Returns

Improvement in Curb Appeal

The garage door surface area can be utilised with a colour to match the exterior of the house. The look can be improved by adding additional hardware and windows. At present, there are many available panel styles. People can even choose bolder colours if it suits with the entire house. This will provide an excellent first impression of the house for outsiders.

Accommodating With House Style

Depending on the house style, the garage door needs to be chosen. Houses with Colonial or Victorian theme can choose carriage styled garage doors of wood or steel. Similarly, extra hardware such as handles and iron hinges can also be added. Similarly, a Craftsman styled house can opt for double-hung, divided, or arched wooden windows. Modern styles include doors with powder coated glass, pebble designs, and stained wood style doors.

Enhancement in Safety and Security

The garage door replacement cost vs value ratio can greatly differ with the safety and security provided by garage doors. Any house will be valued highly if it can provide safety. Using technologies such as photo-sensors, CCTV cameras, and other alerts systems on garage door are a great addition. Also, garage door openers with security features are a welcome addition.

Energy Efficient

Modern day garage doors are provided with seals and insulations. This stabilizes the indoor temperature. Also, insulation and seals can make the door waterproof and soundproof. All of these are assets to a house.

Increased Investment Returns

With proper garage door replacement, which suits with the house best, can significantly increase the home value. As a result, people who are looking to invest on homes can expect a high return on investment. As per statistics, around 75 percent of the garage door cost can increase to its value.

Final Words

These are some of the ways by which the replacement of garage doors can boost the value of a house. Apart from the initial cost, the entire value of the home can be greatly improved with such replacement. It is best to provide such replacement services to professionals such as Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair. They provide the best pricing and provide quick and perfect installations for garage doors of all types of houses.


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