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How to Check on Your Garage Door Sensors for Safety

Garage doors are an essential entry point of a household. It has doorways both from inside the house and from the outside. So, ensuring the safety of the garage door is essential. Nowadays, every automated residential garage door comes with a safety sensor. In fact, there are firm rules set by the law that all garage door openers must have safety sensors that are manufactured after 1993. There are even features added for extra safety that any opener without garage door sensors attached to the door will not even come down.

These safety features were introduced as a protective measure for people from getting injured or trapped by the abrupt closing of the doors. This feature works by reversing the descending movement of the garage door automatically as soon as it comes to contact with any person or object. Checking whether the sensors are correctly working is crucial for the safety of your loved ones. If you find them not functioning, here are a few tips you can go with to have a quick fix to your problem.


What You Should Do If Garage Door Sensors are Not Functioning

Let us first understand how the sensors work. There are two lenses fixed on both sides of the garage door panel, and a tiny laser beam is continuously shooting between the sensors. Whenever something or someone comes as an obstacle between the laser beams, the door starts contracting in the reverse ascending direction. These are called the photo-eye reversal system. However efficient this may sound; these sensors are found to be at malfunction very frequently. But to your relief, the homeowners can quickly fix these problems with little help from the authorized garage door repair technicians.

The federal law in Las Vegas emphasizes on the garage door safety sensors working always. You might be taking to change your garage door altogether into your consideration, but before you take any further step towards replacement or contacting a professional help, here are a few useful tips that might help you quickly fix the problem.


  1. Align Your Garage Door Sensor Eyes 

Aligning a garage door safety eye is not a challenging task, as you may think. Try the following steps to fix the malfunctioning door.

  • Start by taking the wing nut off and removing the receiving sensor.
  • Then turn the sensor in the opposite direction and wait for it to shut down completely. Count to 10.
  • Now carefully realign the sensors by fixing the receiving sensor and sending sensors facing each other until the light comes back.


  1. Look for Debris 

Obstructions are the most common problem that causes malfunctioning of the sensors. Even the tiniest of obstacles between the sensors can trigger the garage door to go in the opposite direction. Always double-check whether the lenses are clean and free from debris, oil, grime, etc. as those will obstruct the sensors and stop them from working correctly.


  1. Check the Wiring 

The wires of the garage door sensors can go loose, interrupting the proper functioning of the sensors. If your wires are not damaged beyond saving, then you can try some DIY solution tips and fix the problem by yourself.

  • Take the sensors off the brackets.
  • Detach the wires from its casing.
  • Separate the sensors from the ends of the wires and join the same-colored wires with one another.
  • Take the sensors above the motor of the garage door opener.
  • Remove the wiring in the gray and white terminals at the back of the motor.
  • Insert the stripped wire into the gray terminal and the white one in the white terminal.
  • Finally, put the sensor eyes facing each other. If the lights turn green, you need to replace the wiring, and if the lights do not come on, you need to change the sensors.
  • And if everything fails, you need to consult a garage door repair.


Call the Professionals

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