replace a broken garage door window glass

How to replace a broken garage door window glass?

Broken window glasses might not bring bad luck the way shattered mirrors do, but they still should not be ignored. Broken window glass in your garage door isn’t only a safety and security hazard, but it can signal to prowlers that you simply aren’t concerned with the protection of your house. Therefore, how to replace garage door window? To replace your broken garage door window glass requires upright tools and some hours of your time.

First make an assessment of your window type:


Before 2000, most garage windows had individual panes of glass held within the frames that were typically made of wood. This made replacing one pane of glass hassle-free. Several garage doors are also made with garage door windows made out of long glass pane that is kept in place between two frames that are entwined.

If you opt to exchange this sort of window yourself, measure the width and peak of the window and buy a replacement. Remove the screws from the frame. Remove the old pane and eliminate it safely. Set the new pane in place. Fit the frame in the proper place and writhe the 2 sides back together.

Steps to Replace Garage Door Window Glass

Remove Broken Glass Immediately

Put on safety goggles and highly secure heavy gloves, and take away all of the broken glass from the window. Save the greater shards of glass. Use a spatula to dig any smaller shards out of the garage door window frame.

Measuring the  Frame of the Window

You have to measure the thickness of the glass shard you have kept aside and then eliminate it with the remainder of the broken glass. Measure the peak of the broken window’s frame from top to bottom, followed by measuring the width of the sides of the frame’s opening. Now, deduct 1/8 inch from every measurement. These are often the dimensions of the replacement pane you’ll need.

Assemble the Frame

How to replace garage door window inserts? Remove the tiny, rectangular glazier’s points that aids in holding the glass to its frame. Chip away at any dried glazing compound and dried paint which will be present on the frame. If the putty is extremely hard to get rid of, soften it by coating it in flaxseed oil and letting the oil sit for a minimum of one hour. Otherwise, utilize a hand blower to heat it up a touch.
Lightly sand the frame with medium-grit sandpaper. Re-evaluate the frame again with fine-grit sandpaper, then brush away all debris and dust.

Install a Brand New Window Glass

Mindfully apply the glazing compound in a thick line along with the edges of the frame. Now, you will have to fit the new glass pane into the putty. Just assure it’s seated appropriately. Gently push new glazier’s points into putty every four to six inches around the frame to carry it in place. Let the glazing compound dry as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Paint the frame to match up the remaining part of the window and let it dry completely.

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The bottom line

However, if you are naïve in this field better take help from professionals garage door repair as they will fix your problem in no time.

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