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How to Restore the Battery of Your Garage Door Opener Remote?

The garage doors are one of the most frequently used appliances in any commercial place or household. They provide security and safety to your properties from the attacks of nature and the nuisance makers. That is why garage doors are made of extremely sturdy materials, making them weigh somewhere between 180 pounds two a whopping 400 pounds. Fortunately, we have technologies that make it’s easy to shut and open such heavyweight doors, sometimes without even touching them.

Many companies produce garage door openers that are operated by remote controls. However, as we know, every advantage comes with some drawbacks. As the garage doors have many moving components, they often go dysfunctional. Then your garage door stops working people start panicking. But every time this happens, there doesn’t need to be a severe issue. Before jumping into any big decision, try checking the batteries of your garage door remote. And for that, it is essential for you to know how to change the battery in the garage door opener remote.


How to Change the Battery in the Garage Door Opener Remote

Dead cells are the most common reason for a non-functional garage door remote. The battery is used in garage door remotes have a life span of near about two years. The battery life depends on how frequently your garage door is moving up and down and what kind of batteries you use for your garage door remote.

One of the first signs that indicate your battery is dying is that you will have to press the buttons on your remote several times before you can successfully open the door. Now let us learn what kind of batteries we can use for our garage doors and, more necessarily, how we can change the batteries when they run out.


1) Open the Remote

The garage opener remotes come in a small handheld size and shape. So, you probably will not require any tools to open up the back cover of the remote control. You will get to see a small removable part at the back of your garage door remote. You have to push it and slide out with your fingers to reach the batteries placed inside. If you cannot find this kind of structure at the back of your remote control, you better refer to the garage door opener’s user manual, which will explain the step-by-step process on it.


2) Identify the Type of Battery

The next step is to identify the batteries. Similar to any other handheld device, these remotes can also require different kinds of batteries. Most commonly, the garage door opener remotes use cellular batteries. The remote controls may need AA batteries or a AAA battery. Once you figure out what kind of batteries you need, the replacement process becomes a lot more straightforward. Try always to buy an extra pair of batteries for the future.


3) Replace the Batteries and Reprogram the Remote

Once you are ready with the new set of garage door opener remote batteries, again open the back of the remote control and pop in the required number of batteries, and place to cover back. Sometimes you may need to reprogram the remote to make it work like before. If you find difficulty at any of the stages depicted here, you can always consult the instruction manual optional garage door opener to get thorough guidance.


Concluding Words

There are always a few more ways in which you can make your life easier. If you find your garage door remote is giving you difficulties more than just a simple replacement of the batteries, you may require to go online for detailed reading on the subject for self-diagnosis. Or call professional garage door help. Las Vegas Best Garage Doors Repair is a company that has been dedicatedly working for more than 25 years in this field and making people’s lives more comfortable with their service.

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