Weatherproofing is vital for both residential and commercial properties. Garage doors are probably the single most frequently used, most significant entry point into your house. Garage doors are mostly exposed to all weather conditions of different seasons throughout the year. Extreme colds in the winter, heavy rains of the monsoon, or the scorching sunbeams of the summer can take a toll on your home if you do not weatherproof it properly.

Many people may take the garage door insulation lightly until they realize that many of their problems have origins from the uninsulated garage doors. Weatherproofing your garage door is not a very expensive service. In return, it can save a lot of your money every month on your electricity bills. Besides, you will not need any additional device to insulate your garage or home.


What is Weatherstripping?

The term garage door weatherstripping refers to the professional process of sealing a garage door from all sides. This process is aimed to give your home protection from all seasonal hazards. The weatherstripping materials are pasted or attached at the edges of the garage door to fill in any gaps between the door and the walls so that the natural temperature of any particular season cannot seep into the garage and then to your house.


Benefits of Weatherstripping

If you have a garage adjacent to your house, you will know that a garage is not just a storage place for your car. People tend to use space for multipurpose reasons to serve different household requirements. Thus, weatherstripping becomes essential for your office and home garage door to save your family and belongings from natural wear and tears. Apart from maximizing the protection from the rain, wind, snow, and heat, there are some more benefits that we can get from weatherstripping our garage doors. Some of them include:

  • It can serve as an insulation and maintain your home’s interior temperature without being affected by nature outside. It helps a lot in saving on your energy bills.
  • The garage-door-bottom weather seals work as a barrier against the dust and insects from entering your house.
  • No matter how the weather is outside, your vehicles and other belongings are least affected by it inside the weather-sealed garage door.
  • It helps prolong your garage door’s life by acting as an extra cushion padding from the damages due to daily usage.


Inspect If Your Garage Door Weatherstripping is Damaged

Checking your weatherstripping by the professionals is regularly at least once or twice a year is ideal. After closing the door, look closely at the edges of the door for any gaps. You can check:

  • If there is any light passing through
  • Check if you can feel any breeze escaping into your home from outside or you are losing the temperature of the house through any gap
  • Is there any part of your garage door or the weather seal flaking, cracking, getting rusts, or missing?

If you find none of these, then you don’t have to worry about your garage door weatherstripping for a minimum of a year. But if you find any of the above situations available with your door, then it might have come the time to replace the weather seal of your garage door.


Garage Door Weatherstripping-Trim types

The types of garage door weather seals are mainly based on their material and their usages. Some of the garage door seal-trim types are:

  • Garage door bottom seal
  • Garage Door Stop Weatherstripping
  • Garage Door Threshold Seal
  • Garage Door Panel Weatherstripping
  • Vinyl Door Stop with Integrated Weatherstrip


How to Buy Garage door Weatherstripping?

If you are buying these products for the first time, you may find it challenging to choose the right product. But if you know what to look for in a product to get the best deal, the task becomes a lot easier. Here are some points you need to be careful about while buying a weather seal for your garage door.

  • Sturdy material so that it can withstand the challenges of the weather and insect attacks
  • A long-lasting manufacturing quality which can survive the wears and tears due to heavy daily usage
  • Easy installation process
  • The weather seal should provide safety to your family and property


Final Takeaway

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