Garage Door Opening and Closing by Itself

Learn the Reasons for Garage Door Opening and Closing by Itself

Garages are probably one of the extensively used spaces in our homes or even our commercial areas. But do we pay the right amount of attention to it that it deserves? By the very mention of the garage, we see a storing place for our vehicles. But isn’t it more than that? We tend to use the extra space of our garage to store many other household stuff too. Moreover, it even sometimes become our favorite spot for playing indoor games with our family and friends.

We only come to understand the actual worth of a garage when something goes wrong with it. Garage doors are exclusively designed to open when we give it the command on the remote control or pull the chain on the wall. But when it starts malfunctioning, and the garage door opens by itself and closes in its own will, then it becomes a real problem. This problem can even be a threat to our home’s security and demands immediate troubleshooting by professionals.

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opens and Closes by Itself

The feeling is terrifying when you come home from the office to find out the garage door to be open, or when you are inside your house, sleeping at night and hear the sound of opening your garage door. It can cause a series of potential security risks for you and your family. In such a scenario, repairing your garage door is the one and the only option you have. You will find many professional garage door repair companies near your location, which will troubleshoot for you. But prior to that, let us try to understand some of the reasons that can trigger such problems with garage doors.


1) Failure in Circuit Board 

The garage door openers are manufactured with an internal circuit board. This circuit board can meet failures due to various reasons. For instance, exposure to extreme heat, years of continuous use, or a sudden surge in electricity can be some of the reasons. Also, a short brown-out can lead to the tripping of the circuit board. The garage door may start open and close on its own when the circuit board resets, trips, or loses and then gains the power back again. If you find the problem is in the circuit board, you can call a technician to replace it.


2) Faulty Remote 

Maybe the problem is not because of the door but for the remote control. First, check the battery of the garage door openers remote control and try to replace the old batteries with new ones. If replacing the batteries does not change the garage door opening by itself, there may be some other issue with the remote. Maybe the sensors of the remote and the opener are not working correctly. A garage door repair technician can help you reset or replace the remote with a new one.


3) Interfering Radio Signals 

The radio signals that are exchanged between the sensors are susceptible. If there is another electrical device or appliance in your home or near the garage door that also releases similar radio signals, it may interfere with the operations of the door opener. You can try to find a pattern when the door opens and closes by itself the most to find out which device has a clash with the garage door opener. In this case, a technician can reset the opener’s operating frequency or replace the entire opener unit with rolling codes, which will solve the problem.


Concluding Words

So, taking proper care of your garage door is as essential as the installation process. Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair offers both installation and repair service for all sorts of problems for your home and office garage door. They have an extremely efficient, experienced set of staff who are always committed to providing you with the best possible services. Once you get assistance from them, you will know that they are the best in the industry.

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