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Prevent rainwater from creating an issue in your Garage

A garage door can create a lot of fuss if not sealed properly. You will never prefer moisture leaking into your home. Similarly, you will not like moisture inside your garage too. To keep your car and other elements of the garage safe, it is essential to make sure no gap allows water to get in. With the weather conditions changing, it is vital to look into the possible cause and solutions for rainwater running under your garage door. You have to get in touch with garage repair Las Vegas if any problem occurs due to water clogging.

Why should you prevent moisture from leaking beneath your garage door?

The garage is an extension of our home. It is crucial to take appropriate care of it. Many people do not take it seriously and later faces damage in the car and other elements. It will not be a pleasant sight to see water clogging everywhere when you walk inside your garage. It will lead to cracks in the garage structure, water damage to your car. This causes a health issue too.

Looking at these problems, constant dampness might occur, leading to mold. This, in turn, may cause diseases, and a foul smell will be filled in your garage. You might even slip on the wet floor and get injured.

Make sure why is the moisture occurring

Constant moisture inside the garage can happen due to many reasons. It can be due to condensation too. Water droplets occur when warm air comes in contact with cold temperatures. As the walls and floors are of concrete, this can be a frequent issue. This is referred to as ‘sweating slab syndrome.  In an emergency case, you may have to reach the garage door repair Las Vegas.

Possible problems and the solutions to them

  • Roof Problems

If your roof has zero gutters near your garage area, it can be the leading cause of rainwater clogging and dripping into your garage.

Solution: Install gutters

Installing gutter might be a bit costly but will be a permanent solution to this problem. The rainwater will be transferred into it instead of getting collected and dripping down. You can avoid garage repair Las Vegas and do it yourself. 

  • Driveway Pitch

If you have to drive down instead of going up, the decline will be a significant issue. It will cause rainwater to pool inside your garage room. 

Solution: Trench Drains

Trench Drains will be a real-life saver. However, you need to clean this after a short period. Install them in front of your garage and avoid rainwater pooling. 

  • Door is leaking

Your garage door might leak water or become drafty. In such a case, you need new weather strips. 

Solution: Install new Weather Strips or Weather Seals

A new Weather seal or Weather Strips shall act as a garage door and a water barrier. Use self-adhesive strips and stick them yourselves either on top or bottom of the door panel.

  • Rainwater pooling on the garage floor

A missing threshold or a faulty one is to be blamed in such a case. It will cause water to come through the garage. 

Solution: Replace or install Garage Door Threshold Seal

The threshold seal will lock the garage door further. IT is made of rubber or aluminum and prevents entry of water. This also acts as a temperature regulator.


Wrapping up

You can try these solutions out at home to avoid garage moisture. If you still face a problem, you need to contact a garage door repair Las Vegas. You may contact Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair for your solutions.


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