Summer garage door tips

Summer Garage Door Maintenance Tips

We all use the garage door multiple times a day all seasons. If you’re looking forward to garage door maintenance then summer would be the ideal time to hire a professional and execute the garage door maintenance projects. With all the beating the garage door went through the last year, it may need maintenance so that it can survive the upcoming winters. 


Furthermore, it is necessary to check the functionality of the garage door regularly as we all know how important it is. For extending its life, you can follow some measures at home however, it may require the help of a professional as well. The life of the garage door highly depends on how you maintained it. Let’s look at some of the maintenance tips you can try out this summer for the longevity of the garage door. 


Basic Maintenance You can do by Yourself this Summer 


1) Washing Your Garage Door

Washing the garage door is a must. A garage door adds convenience and attraction to your home. You can use a scrub to clean all parts of the garage door. We advise you not to put much pressure while scrubbing as doing so can damage the motor. If you find any leaks or crack in the door then repair them right away.


2) Clean the Spring Routinely 

Springs need to be replaced every year for the smooth operation of the garage door. Springs are the most important part of the garage door. When the springs are work out then it hampers the functionality of the garage door and opener. So, if you see any signs of wear and tear then replace them instantly. 


3) Check the Locking Mechanism

The most important thing you need to check is the locking mechanism of your garage door. Most owners think that the locking mechanism doesn’t work when the garage door is in use which is not true. If the door is open more than half an inch or quarter an inch then you need to replace the door opener immediately. 


4) Lubricate the Garage Door 

Lubricating the garage door helps it to function at its best. Lubricate the springs, rollers, and bearing plates on a regular basis. You can either grease or oil the garage door. However, it is advisable to use oil instead of grease. Moreover, oil is less expensive compared to grease. After applying grease on rollers and tracks you’d see signs of wear after a few months. 

You use the garage door several times a day so make sure you lubricate all the parts well. When you install a new garage door then read the instructions as to how it is lubricated. 


5) Clean Your Garage Door Entry

You need to clean the garage door once a year. Using the mild soap solution would do the job. Opt for a cleanser that is exclusively made for cleaning the garage door entry. 


How to Keep Your Garage Door Cool?

You might be facing some challenges to cool down the garage door during the summers. So, follow these measures to cool down the garage door. 


  • Ventilation: Open all the windows which would increase air circulation inside the garage. 
  • Ceiling Fans: If your garage has fewer windows then you can install a ceiling fan to increase air circulation. The cooling is moderate when compared to an air conditioner. But they are way cheaper. 
  • Lighter Shades: Avoid dark colors. Go for lighter shades when you’re coloring the garage. Lighter shades reflect the heat and keep the garage cool. 
  • Garage Door with builtin Insulation: If nothing works for you then you can install a garage door with built-in insulation. It would keep away hot air away. 
  • Air Conditioning: You can also install an air conditioner. However, the energy cost would be quite expensive when compared to ceiling fans. 
  • Decluttering Your Garage: For improving airflow you can get rid of all the unnecessary things from your garage. You can sell all those things and make some money. 


Concluding Words

For Emergency garage door repair you can get in touch with Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair. Our services are affordable and reliable. Visit our website for more information. You can also check the feedbacks of our existing customers. What are you waiting for? Give this summer, your garage door the right care it needs. 


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