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Top 5 Garage Door Trends for 2021

Going into a new year calls for new plans, new resolutions, and a whole lot of change on your list. Why not include your garage door in the list too? Well, people are ditching all the old and bland designs and opting for a more and more modern touch. Here are some speculated garage door trends for 2021:


1) The Eye-Catchers

It is high time that we ditch boring and plain designs. It is not really necessary to blend with the landscape you have. Garage doors can really build the curb appeal of your estate. As we enter a new year, people have called for eye-catching designs of their garage doors. A variety of patterns, styles, hardware, and materials play a significant role in giving attention-grabbing and bold design.


2) A Little Colorplay

Usually, garage doors come in white, brown, or beige. In 2021, the nondescript trend is not here to stay. More and more people are opting to add even darker or bolder colors to the garage doors. Darker and deeper tones help in achieving an elegant yet bold look. It enhances the contrast and adds life to colors such as green, blue, or red. The recent trends have witnessed a significant surge in homeowners wanting to experiment with their garage door looks.


3) Opting for Smart Doors

Technology has evolved and keeps doing with each passing day. And, the world of tech has also made sure to include garage doors in the process. Smart garage doors come with added user-friendly conveniences. It includes being able to open and close the garage door with the help of your phone. This, in turn, eliminates the quest for remote openers. Also, the support app allows you to keep a check on your garage door if you want to make sure of certain things.


4) For the Eco-Conscious Ones

Sustainable garage doors are the newest in the trend. With growing concerns for the environment, eco-friendly garage doors have really caught the attention of the homeowners. These doors are made up of eco-friendly materials. Resins, fiber, wood pulp, and wax fall under the non-metallic options. You can also find metal doors that fall under the eco-friendly category. These doors are said to used solar power from where the garage door opener draws its power from. The garage door parts are made of sustainable materials too. These eco-friendly garage doors would however cost slightly more than the other types of garage doors but over time, as their demand increases, the prices may be set to reasonable.


5) Glass Incorporated Designs

Incorporating glass in the garage door makes way for more and more natural light. This saves electricity and makes way for a better ambiance and look of the garage. However, besides being energy efficient, these garage doors also serve the purpose of being a modern design and adding a trendier look to the overall design. Large windows on the garage doors make the overall look set apart from the generic garage door designs.


The Bottom Line

If keeping up with the trends is your thing, Las Vegas Best Garage Door is just the right fit for you. All of our certified technicians have years of experience offering you the right assistance you need.


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