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Top Questions You Should Ask Your Garage Door Dealer

Garage doors might seem relatively simple. These are large sheets of metal that attach to the front of your garage and that open and close to let your vehicles in and out. That’s all you need to know… right?

Of course, it’s not quite that simple. In reality, there are many different facets to a garage door that you need to consider. And it’s only by considering every angle that you can ensure you get the best installation that will be safe, that will keep your vehicles secure, and that will make your life as easy as possible. As well as asking about the garage door in Las Vegas itself though, you also need to ask about the dealers: is this the best place to get your door from? Asking the right questions is key then. And so in this post, we’re going to look at the top 10 questions you should always ask.


1. Metal or Wood?

When you think of garage doors and overhead door repair, you perhaps will tend to think of metal. In fact, though, many garage doors are wooden and this has its advantages too. These doors aren’t quite as secure, but they look very homely thanks to their natural warmth.


2. Insulated or Not?

Another question to ask about the doors is whether they’re insulated or not. This doesn’t matter if your garage is detached, but if your garage is heated, then you need to think about insulation and efficiency. Then again, insulation can also help to improve the longevity of your vehicle and avoid rust and damp. Broken Garage Door Spring Repair offers quality services at best prices.


3. What is the Lifespan?

While the lifespan of a garage door will be somewhat down to chance and the way it is treated, it’s also true that most garage doors will come with an estimated lifespan. This will likely depend on the materials, installation, and more.


4. Insulation Material?

As well as asking whether the garage door is insulated, you should also ask what it is insulated with. There are two highly popular options here: polyurethane and polystyrene. The former is somewhat more performant, but the latter is more affordable. Emergency Garage Door Repair offers fast and fully professional overhead garage door installation services in your local area.


5. Windows?

Some garage doors have got windows installed by default. In other cases, you might opt to install windows there yourself. There are a few good reasons to add windows –such as for added light and aesthetics –though of course this also reduces privacy and security. The answer might also depend on the other light sources inside the garage. This is something to discuss with your suppliers –does the door already have windows and if not… should it?


6.How to Prepare the Door Frame?

You should ask your supplier how the door frame needs to be prepared. Depending on the type of door, the frame might need to be the precise same size. Likewise, you may need to use jambs and lintel depending on the construction of the frame.


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7. Cost?

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to ask about the price! This is particularly important, given that the total cost might be higher once you take into account installation, delivery, and parts. Thus you may need to ask for a quote, depending on the package you will be receiving. Garage Panel Repair offers a high quality of our garage door repair services in Las Vegas is a very well known fact among our local clients.


8. Returns/Warranty?

Ask if the door comes with a warranty or a guarantee. Good quality parts should be covered, meaning that you’ll get your money back if anything should go wrong. If this kind of warranty isn’t offered –or if it is very limited –it suggests that the seller has a lack of trust in their own products!


9. Headroom

Usually the ideal headroom will be around 14 inches. However, depending on the system and the electric door opener potentially being used, this might be greater or smaller. Garage Door Installation Service helps you with your emergency garage door installation needs.


10. Torsion or Extension

Depending on the headroom and some other factors, you will need to choose between either torsion or extension hardware. Getting this right will impact the efficiency of the door, as well as the safety, and security.

So, get in touch with your garage door supplier today and make sure they help you get to the bottom of these questions! That way, you can buy with confidence.

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