Understanding Garage Door Wind Loads

Understanding Garage Door Wind Loads and Ratings

Homes located near coastal areas or storm-prone areas should have a garage door that can withstand high wind loads. Garage doors that are hurricane-rated keep the space safe and increases the shelf time of the entry. It is essential to understand the Garage door wind loads and select the garage door that will best suit your home.

What are the dangers of high winds?

During high winds, there are mainly two significant dangers that homeowners face. The primary one is the flying debris. Flying debris can damage your doors, break glass windows, or knock off the garage door from its track. The pressure the wind puts upon your garage door is the wind load. When the wind load becomes too high, it can knock off the door from its track or buckle it. In rare and worst cases, the garage door gets completely dis-attached from its tracks and becomes damaged to stand again. If you are staying in cyclone-prone areas or near coastal sides, you should know about your garage door wind loads and get one that can withstand heavy wind loads.

Factor to calculate wind loads

When there is a storm going on, winds blow with a lot of pressure. The high winds hit the exterior side of your garage door and create a high amount of pressure on the surface of the door. The pressure created by the wind is known as the wind load and is calculated by the following factors:

  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • The height of the door
  • The surface area of the garage door
  • The stationeries kept around your home (mainly at either side)
  • The slope of the roof
  • The house’s internal pressure.

These are the factors to calculate wind loads on your garage door.

Wind rating

Wind rating is the amount of pressure your garage door can withstand. Wind ratings can be determined by stringent testing that checks if the door is suited for cyclonic weathers, local building codes, wind speeds, etc. There are two best and most strict tests for the cyclone-rated door. They are the Florida Building code product approval and the Miami-Day County Notice of Acceptance. These tests are used to calculate the garage door’s impact rating and high-velocity wind load capacity. You should always check these factors before getting such a cyclone to withstand garage doors at your home.

The impact caused on windows

Many of the garage doors or spaces have windows nowadays. While the doors are solid and robust to resist buckling, windows may shatter faster. You need to get windows that will not easily break under the immense pressure of flying debris or high wind loads. Cyclone-rated windows are built with tall resisting glass, also rated by similar building codes as the cyclone-rated garage doors.

It is better to take precautions beforehand. Cyclones happen almost once a year in a maximum of mainly coastal, riverside, and cyclone-prone areas. You should check all the above factors and purchase the best garage door to withstand the wind load. You can check Las Vegas Best Garage Door Repair for the best service.



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