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What to do if you get accidentally locked out of your garage

If you can’t get access to your garage as your garage door is not opening either from inside or outside, you can use these simple strategies to unlock your door. It may seem frustrating, so hold yourself and don’t panic as the doors might have stopped receiving the signals. 

Try manual release 

If you have already tried pressing the button of your garage door remote and nothing is happening. This means the door opener is not getting activated due to jammed signals. This may occur when a power outage prevents the electric opener from opening the garage door. In such cases, you can use a manual release device present inside most garage door openers. The older styles of garages have an exterior handle either at the bottom or on the face of the door. 

How to use the manual release?

  1. Unlock the door from outside by using the latch, switch, or lock which may be interfering while releasing the garage door manually. 
  2. To ensure that the garage door is completely closed to avoid any injuries. This is also important to make sure any damages to the garage door don’t happen while manually opening it. 
  3. Disconnect power completely from your garage door opener by unplugging the garage door opener. Get rid of the battery from the garage door opener to open the garage door successfully. 
  4. Use the emergency release cod which usually hangs from the center track. Spot it and use it only when the garage door is completely shut. 
  5. Now pull the emergency cord in a downward motion. As a result, the garage door will be disconnected from the trolley and garage door opener. Now you can open your garage door manually. 
  6. Open your garage door without using extra force. Ensure that the door goes up completely and stops moving. Don’t forget to securely check that door is stopped before taking out your car or moving out. 
  7. Once you are safely out of your garage slide the manual lock to close it. 

Get an alternative like Wi-Fi Enabled Opener 

You must have started looking for many hassle-free options of opening a locked garage door. You can opt for garage door openers that have battery backup systems that are easier alternatives. This is a sure-shot solution if you reside at a location that is prone to blackouts.  

Best options for Lock Repairs and Replacements 

The best feasible and immediate solution to lock your garage would be with the help of a blacksmith who can repair or replace the door. This may be needed because when the garage door is locked manually the door opener stops working. So, to get access to your garage immediately, you can also ask for replacement keys from your blacksmith. 

To get a permanent solution to this problem get your garage door opener repaired. Never apply unnecessary force over your garage doors. It might damage garage door springs, opener, motor permanently.  

If you are still facing troubles due to a locked garage door, fix it by replacing or updating the door opening system with the help of a pro garage door installation company. As they can offer you multiple choices as per your requirement. You should not avoid the issue of a locked garage door as it may be risky for your family, pets, and yourself. 

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Call the Professionals  

However, if the door has any sort of electrical or mechanical issues, contact an experienced technician for servicing from bestgaragedoorvegas. Our team of experts will be able to advise, guide, and install garage doors depending upon your demands.

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