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Why buying a used garage door is not a great idea?

If you are looking forward to replacing or repairing an old or broken garage door, never opt for a used one. At once, buying a used garage door might seem an impressive selection. But when you consider long-term appropriateness, there are several aspects other than budget which must be taken into consideration. A garage door is a heavy object which means you should consider long-term aspects, especially safety. Here are some tips for you from garage door repair professionals.

Reasons for not buying a used garage door

  • Size is a crucial issue

The size of the old used garage door may be the most common problem that you will always encounter. This one will not fit in your space if the size varies from the size of the opening for the garage door at your home. Secondly, you should consider the clearance space of the used door. If in case the clearance is different this may be major trouble. You won’t be able to add an electric door opener and will have to install new hardware unnecessarily. Garage expert will never suggest purchasing a used garage door pondering the negative side. If you have a garage in front of your house, a used garage door will be a disaster both aesthetically and functionally.

  • If you have decided to buy a used garage door

For instance, you have already made up your mind to get an old used garage door, consider these aspects. First of all, make sure you bring the one that’s not older than ten years. Because older doors will not entail standard safety features and designs. Subsequently, this will become a potential danger both for humans and vehicles. Apart from this, you will be supposed to fix anything old or damaged beforehand. It may be worn rollers, rusted hinges or screws, damaged weather-stripping. Wooden garage doors often need more care and attention. Although you could paint and repair it for your use, this requires both time and money. And you never know if the previous owner of the same was active enough in up keeping them. Whereas, in the case of metal doors, it’s difficult for a non-pro to mend the damage.

Is saving at this point worthy?

If you think you can do huge savings by bringing a used garage door, the answer from most experts is No. In the short run, you might reap the rewards and save a few dollars but taking into consideration the same for a longer span you will realize its ill effects. A used garage door has no guarantee or warranty on either product or its parts. And the repairing and maintenance of the same would surely disburse a lot more than you have saved. You may have a sense of discontent with its performance too.

Don’t overlook the garage door springs

If you have found a used garage door to be purchased, never miss on asking about the garage door springs. A used spring will be potential trouble for you as door springs work under huge tension. You must never ignore these questions: if the door springs are original or not? How about maintenance? As a door surely weighs hundreds of pounds, a defective spring may lead to serious damages. If the door falls due to any fault in the door spring, this may result in damage to you, pets, vehicles in the garage, or any loved ones around.

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