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Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Its Tracks

While garage doors are built to be resilient and to stand up to being opened and closed lots of times in all kinds of weather, the truth is that they are not indestructible. Occasionally, a garage door can end up coming off its tracks and may start hitting the ground. So, what happened? And more importantly, once you have the garage door replaced, what can you do to ensure that it does not happen again?
Read on and we’ll look at the most likely explanations.

Why This is a Big Deal

In case you’re wondering why it even matters, keep in mind that a garage door in Las Vegas coming off of its tracks is actually very dangerous. This can potentially lead to serious injuries should the door strike a family member. Likewise, it can also pose security risks as it provides a way in for trespassers.



The Most Likely Explanation Is…

So, what could possibly have caused this huge metal door to have come off its tracks?

There are many explanations as we’ve alluded to, but as Sherlock Holmes would probably say, the most likely explanation is usually the correct one. Home Car Garage Door Repair Las Vegas offers quality services at best prices.

In other words? You probably drove into it!

You may already know that this was what caused it, but if you struck your garage door with your vehicle, then of course there’s a chance that this might have caused it to come off its tracks or become damaged in another way. Garage doors are placed in such a way as to be very vulnerable to these collisions. It’s also possible that you might have clipped your garage door and not even realized it –if you did so when reversing out for instance, or if you were looking straight forward. Broken Garage Door Spring Repair offers fast and fully professional overhead garage door installation services in your local area.



Emergency Garage Door Repair

When hit by a car, a garage door will usually experience damage to the two lower sections, and to the larger system as a whole. And the car doesn’t need to be going fast to cause significant damage –just 3-5mph is likely enough to leave the door hanging from its frame.

If you find yourself in such a situation, turn off your car and get out of the garage. Then call the Emergency Garage Door Repair specialists in to take a look.


The Weight is too Great

One of the reasons it’s so important to get specialist help when installing a garage door in Las Vegas –particularly if it is a very large one –is that if the garage door is too heavy for the system that has been put in place, then this can also cause the door to begin hanging off the tracks.

A double garage door around 16 feet wide can actually weigh between 225-400lbs –which is extremely heavy. If the horizontal tracks are strong enough, it doesn’t take much to cause them to bend.


The Tracks Aren’t Aligned Properly

Likewise, it could be that the tracks haven’t been properly aligned with the vertical rails. This is often a problem when the bolts used on the brackets become loose. This in turn can cause the bracket to wobble in response to tiny vibrations. Eventually, this can cause the tracks to bend so much so, that the rollers come entirely off the track.


A Lift Cable Broke

While rare, it is possible that a lift cable could have broken –especially if you’ve never had the garage door tuned. These cables wind around the grooves in the drum and if these aren’t lined up properly, they can end up unraveling and breaking –leaving the door swinging.


Worn Out Rollers

Finally, it’s also possible that the rollers have simply worn down. Usually, a garage door system will come with an estimated lifespan, and you shouldn’t expect the rollers to wear out before this point. That said, it’s also possible that they were faulty, to begin with, or that they weren’t properly installed. And sometimes you just get bad luck!

Remember that the heavier the door is, the more likely the rollers are to wear down –and the more potentially dangerous the problem will be if anything should happen and the door should come off its tracks. Garage Door Supplier In Las Vegas are your local garage door service company.

There are actually several more reasons that a garage door can come loose. But whatever the explanation, you should always get in touch with a specialist quickly to remedy the issue.

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