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Why is your garage door beeping? Know what to do if the door beeps

Have you encountered the situation that your garage door was working fine till some hours earlier and has now suddenly started beeping? It can be a situation of high alert for you as you don’t know what the actual problem is. It is an important as well as quite stressful situation for you. For help, you can call garage door repair service in Las Vegas.

Know why your Garage Door Opener is beeping:

Operating with the help of Battery Backup

This could be an important reason behind the beeping of your garage door opener. For this reason, many modern garage door openers have an option of battery backup. It can work perfectly even when the power is out or there is a situation of power shutdown. If your garage door is working on the battery backup, it will give a beeping sound. With the sound, the battery LED will show a light of orange color which beeps every 2 seconds. Any garage door opener maintenance service provider will guide you thoroughly if you have any confusion regarding the matter.

Setting the timer

Your garage door is giving a beeping sound because maybe it has a timer set. It is an advanced technology to give you proper indication within some special situations. Like, whenever the door is going to close, the garage door opener gives the beeping sound. In some cases, you will also get to see lights flashing on the garage door.

All the modern garage door openers have this kind of advanced mechanism. You might have already installed one, and it could have a timer setting. It is basically to make you alert that the door is going to be closed. So, if you are standing in its way, you need to move immediately. For expert help, call garage door repair service in Las Vegas.

Indication about Low Battery

This might also come to your mind when you see the garage door opener beeping. In most cases, the beeping of the garage door opener means that the battery is low. You can see that the LED lights turning orange or red. If the beeping continues for a long time, the low battery is the reason for the beeping of your garage door.

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How can you stop the beeping of the garage door opener?

  • In case you see an orange light, check if the power is on. If you see a power shutdown, wait for it to get restored. Once the power has come back, check again to see the changes. If it is still beeping, check the connection of the plug.
  • If there is a timer setting, you can change the settings
  • If your garage door opener beeping continuous and you see a red light, you have to change the batteries
  • If there is an orange light as an indication that the battery is low. Check again for the connection of the power. If the battery is not getting charged (LED turning green), check for the connections properly.

If you still don’t know what to do and are getting confused, you do not have to worry. Just call the professionals as they are expert workers in this field and can give you the best possible solution within some short minutes. For help, you can call for a reliable and experienced garage door repair in Las Vegas.


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